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Neon Sunglasses

SPORT Sport Sunglasses with Clear Grey Frames and Red Sunset Lenses, Front Sport Sunglasses with Clear Grey Frames and Red Sunset Lenses, Flyover
Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 46 reviews



SPORT Sunglasses with Apex Frames and Polarized Yellow Lenses. Front Sunglasses with Apex Frames and Polarized Yellow Lenses. Flyover
Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 47 reviews

Fast Lanes Sport



Live Large with our Loudest Neon Sunglasses

Gotta have the most grandiose neon shades in your crew? You’ve certainly met your match! Our collection of neon sunglasses spans a ton of different frame shapes, so buckle up for a magical thrill ride to your next neon daydream.

Standard shades like our Fast Lanes, Fort Knocks, Mai Tais, Premiums and Mount Evans are sure to engage your imagination, or try some of our full coverage styles like Deja Views, Mile Highs, Campeones and Classics for when full send meets full sun. Even better, many of the shades in this collection double as neon sport sunglasses, meaning those super grippy nose pads will save you when boisterous behavior doesn’t begin to describe your surroundings.

You can totally let your instincts do the choosing here, since every pair of neon sunglasses comes standard with UV400 protected & impact-resistant lenses. Gleam on in your neon and don’t forget to go big!


Neon Sunglasses for Colorful Souls

Like high-octane fuel, our selection of neon sunglasses brings showy style to totally new heights. This collection is all about being anything but subtle, so refresh yourself on your most loved loud colors and get ready for a steady stream of compliments!

The sky’s the limit with the wild neon shades we’ve got on offer, so we invite you to be adventurous with your favorite selections. We’ve got special editions and neon wraparound sunglasses in our neon collection too, just in case intense hues weren’t quite enough. We even threw in some neon kids sunglasses for days when your kiddo gets to be in on the action as well.

Go for broke and contrast colors with neon sunglasses from our Fort Knocks, Premiums, Fast Lanes, Mai Tais and Mount Evans lines for fearless flights of fancy, or stick with our Campeones, Deja Views, Classics or Mile Highs for extra coverage and steady style at all times. There’s no telling where bold charisma will take you, and that’s where our neon sport sunglasses come in clutch with super grippy nose pads for remarkably rowdy escapades. Who knows, your favorite pair of neon sunglasses might be part of our sport collection without you even realizing it!

We think functional and affordable neon sunglasses should be commonplace, so much so that UV400 protection and impact resistance comes standard on every pair of our neon shades. Insisting on excellence seems like the least we can do. Just be sure to snap a photo in your new neon sunglasses before putting them to the test on an unruly day out.