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Sunglasses for Oval Faces

The perfect shades to complement your oval face? Square or rectangular frames are what you're looking for. Check out some of our favorites!
Pierside Pacific Palisades Sunglasses with Orange Frames and Polarized Green Lenses, Flyover
Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 112 reviews

Pacific Palisades


SPORT Sunglasses with black Frames and Polarized Aqua Lenses, Front Sunglasses with black Frames and Polarized Aqua Lenses, Flyover
Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 107 reviews

Premiums Sport


SPORT Sunglasses with Blue Frames and Polarized Red Lenses Sunglasses with Blue Frames and Polarized Red Lenses, Flyover
Rated 4.9 out of 5
Based on 44 reviews

Fast Lanes Sport



Enchant the Masses in Your Oval Face Sunglasses

Ostentatious and oblong, oval-shaped faces are most recognizable
for their longer length, wide cheekbones and rounded bone structure. While
linear or boxy shades can certainly add some edge to all those curves, it’s
hard to imagine any of these sunglasses for oval-shaped faces not flattering our
elliptical equals. Actually, we’re just not-so-secretly excited to provide you
with all these options!

If linear or boxy styles are more appealing, don’t miss our Pacific
, Fast Lanes, Brightsides, Torrey Pines, Seventy
and Mount Evans oval face sunglasses. Eager to stay grounded
and rounded? You’ll probably dig our Mile Highs, Fort Knocks, Deja
, Songbirds, Paso Robles and Classics the most.

Wherever your fancy takes you, keep in mind that all of our
oval-shaped face sunglasses come equipped with UV400 protection and
FDA-approved impact resistance for any activity under the sun. What can we say?
You’ve got your pick of plentiful oval-shaped face sunglasses, and we’re stoked
to see your selections. 


Oval-Shaped Face Sunglasses That Inspire Awe

Dependable is the name of the game with our collection of sunglasses
for oval-shaped faces. Even as knowing your face shape has become more
important, oval faces are a steadfast example of the standard human face shape
throughout time. With their wide cheekbones, longer length and thinner forehead
structure, it’s obvious that this fabulous face shape falls somewhere between square
and round variations.

It may come as no surprise then that sunglasses for
oval-shaped faces are mostly square or rectangular, since so much of what makes
a face oval-shaped is softer curves and contours. While boxy shades may
distract from other face shapes, angular sunglasses for oval faces can actually
bring out these features compared to some of their rounded counterparts.

Not to brag, but a ton of our collections are actually
perfect for oval-shaped faces. If you’re sticking with linear sunglasses for
oval faces, check out our Fast Lanes and Torrey Pines shades in addition to our
aviator styles like Pacific Palisades,Brighsides, Mount Evans and Mile Highs, For rounded & vintage inspo, our Fort Knocks, Songbirds, Deja Views,
Seventy Nines, Paso Robles and Classics are ideal shapely styles with lots of
cheerful colors to choose from.

Regardless of the oval face shape sunglasses you pick, you
won’t soon be questioning the durability of these steadfast shades. The
combination of UV400 protection and FDA-certified impact resistance goes a long
way to guarantee both safety and assurance on sunny days. Plus, the included
protective pouch is super convenient for keeping your sunglasses for
oval-shaped faces safe. With all that variety, we can’t wait to see which
frames you pick!