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Cheap Sunglasses?

You bet. But honestly, we don't like the term 'cheap'. We prefer affordable sunglasses: in other words, quality eyewear that won't break the bank!

Founded in 2005 in sunny Southern California, Knockaround is the original, affordable sunglasses company. Our shades are stylish and practical, designed to take a beating, and come in a ton of different color combinations. Best of all, it won't cost you an arm and a leg to protect your eyes. Starting at $10, our sunglasses are available in seven different frame styles and are offered with both standard UV400 protection and polarized lenses.

Cheap Sunglasses, Knockaround Classics


Our Classics sunglasses utilize a timeless design made famous by open-road style explorers as far back as 1919. Form and function split the bill 50/50: these lightweight and affordable sunglasses look good on everyone and at the same time provide crucial UV400 protection for your eyes.

Fit: Slightly narrow but comfortable fit; perfect for small to medium size face shapes.

$10 / Polarized $15
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Our Premiums sunglasses are a progressive update to the Classics frame style that put Knockaround on the map. With a slightly wider and more accommodating fit, these sunglasses feature embedded “K” logos on the outside of each arm. Whether you’re a guy or a girl, it's hard to go wrong with this modern take on a timeless design.

Fit: Slightly wider fit than the Classics; perfect for most face sizes and shapes.

$15 / Polarized $20
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Cheap Sunglasses, Knockaround Premiums
Cheap Sunglasses, Knockaround Mai Tais

Mai Tais

Our Mai Tais sunglasses call to mind vacations to tropical locations, lounging by the pool with friends, and spending all day soaking up the sun. Designed on a durable yet lightweight frame, these shades feature strong metal barrel hinges and embedded “K” logos. With a rounded silhouette, these fashionable sunglasses provide a sophisticated look for both men and women.

Fit: Mai Tais provide a comfortable fit for most face sizes and shapes.

$20 / Polarized $25
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Fast Lanes

The all-new Fast Lanes sunglasses kick eyewear into high gear, and look just as good at 100 mph as they do at a standstill! These shades feature clean-cut, rectangular lenses and embedded “K” logos on a durable, lightweight frame. Available in your classic colors, as well as a few exotic hues for you trailblazing speedsters.

Fit: Fast Lanes look great on medium to larger face shapes.

$20 / Polarized $25
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Cheap Sunglasses, Knockaround Fast Lanes
Cheap Sunglasses, Knockaround Fort Knocks

Fort Knocks

Our Fort Knocks sunglasses embody the classic design, strength, and color that has become synonymous with Knockaround. The injection-molded frames feature recessed gold bar and gold Knockaround logo detailing and come with hidden spring hinges.

Fit: Fort Knocks provide a wider and form fitting fit; perfect for medium and larger size face shapes.

$25 / Polarized $30
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Mile Highs

Our Mile Highs sunglasses feature the classic teardrop-shape frames that were made famous by pilots during WWII. Available in standard and XL sizes, these sunglasses feature a thin wire construction accented by rubber ear pads at the arm ends. All Mile Highs come with standard polarized lenses.

Fit: Great fit for most face sizes and shapes. XL: Great fit for most larger size face shapes.

Polarized $30
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Cheap Sunglasses, Knockaround Mile Highs
Cheap Kids Sunglasses, Knockaround

Kids Premiums

Our Kids Premiums sunglasses are modeled after our best-selling Premiums frame style. They provide full UV400 sun protection and are form fitting so they don’t fly off on the swings. Each pair features embedded K logos on the outside of the arms and come with a protective, soft pouch…because we know firsthand the kind of thrashing a 2-year old can dish out.

Fit: Kids Premiums provide a great fit for most kids ages 1 to 5 years old.

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