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Two women wearing pink Knockaround sunglasses

Pink Sunglasses

Roses are red, but sometimes they’re pink, these shades are cute, and this poem stinks.

Perfectly Pink Sunglasses for Fantastical Daydreams

Whether you’re relishing in rosy frames or need extra neon, our pink sunglasses collection’s got what you’re looking for! Every pair of sunglasses in this set features candy-worthy color that’s sure to spark fanciful daydreams.

Just like Clueless’ closet app, think of our pink sunglasses collection as a revolving wardrobe of your favorite pink shades. Stick with rounded & cat-eye styles like our Deja Views, Mai Tais, Mary Janes or Paso Robles and show off your softer side, or get down to business with our Torrey Pines, Premiums, Fort Knocks, Fast Lanes, Classics or Pacific Palisades for a more structured look. We’ve even got some pink sport sunglasses (complete with rubber nose pads) for times when working or playing hard is non-negotiable!

You’ll be embracing your own versatility when you pop on any of these pink sunglasses thanks to standard UV400 protection and impact resistance on every pair of lenses. All that’s left is styling a perfect outfit to match!


Pretty in Pink: Sunglasses for Rosy Days

They say we see the world through rose-colored glasses, so why not make them rose-colored Knockarounds? No matter your vantage point, you can’t deny that there’s certainly a time and place for some cool, pink sunglasses. Naturally, as designers of fun and affordable shades for every occasion, we’re stoked to offer a great collection of rosy, pink shades that you can sport wherever you go. Ideal for beach days, pool parties, pub crawls,or simply showing your original side, Knockaround pink sunglasses pack in the personality.

Not all shades of pink are created equal. Here, we’re big on creating eye-catching pink-colored sunglasses that honor your specific mood. If you’re feeling bold and outgoing, maybe you’ll connect with our bright pink sunglasses in watermelon burgundy geode. If you’re feeling a little bit sweet, then you can’t go wrong with our candy pink shades. From the bright and bold to the soft and sweet, our pink collection covers the gamut. When paired with the right lenses, these popular pink picks really come to life. We’ve got pink sunglasses for kids and grown-ups in many hues at Knockaround!

More Than Meets the Eye

Sure, they’re pretty, and you might even call them cute, but our pink frame sunglasses go beyond looks. Every pair is engineered for next-level performance, with impact-resistant lenses, durable frames and UV400 protection. If you’re all about getting rid of glare, make sure to invest in a pair of pink polarized sunglasses for just a few extra bucks. These high-quality shades ensure that you have a clear, glare-free frame of vision for all sorts of high-energy activities. If you’re not completely pleased with your purchase, be sure to take advantage of our 100 percent happiness guarantee!