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Game-Changing Lens Tech: Knockterra™ VS. Knockterra+™

January 31, 2024

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From golf shades to cycling glasses and more, sports sunglasses are often key to  excellent athletic performance. And more so with our new Knockterra™ lens technology.  Let’s look at two types of this cutting-edge tech found in performance-driven Knockarounds.

Women wearing campeones


Water resistant. Oil resistant. Scratch and impact resistant. That’s just part of the power  of Knockterra™ Lens Tech. Purposefully non-polarized, these lenses are built for any  athletic activity you can throw at them. They create an ultra-clear field of vision that’s  vital for judging distance, depth, contrast, and the contours of any terrain. With full UV  400 protection. 

Knockterra+™ includes all those features and also adds a unique color-enhancing filter  that puts a vibrant new view on athletics — you’ll never see shades the same after  trying on a pair!  


You may have seen oleophobic technology on your smartphone or tablet. Most higher end devices have screens with this oil-resistant application on their surfaces. Dab a  drop of water on yours and watch those droplets bead! That same technology that  protects touchscreens can be invaluable on a quality pair of sports sunglasses.  

Oil deposits can collect on sunglasses in just about any outdoor environment. You could  be out for a run, kayaking through the water, or getting in some volleyball and have oil  smears appear. But that oil won’t stay on the lens for long when it’s up against an  oleophobic coating.  

And then there’s fingerprints. You won’t find a pair of sunglasses that 100% reject  fingerprints. But an oleophobic treatment is as close as you can get. Once a lens is  smudged by a finger, the oleophobic coating goes to work. It forces the fingerprint oil to  bead, breaking it down, and stopping it from fusing to the lens surface. This makes the  print less noticeable and easier to clean. 

Man wearing Hill Charge Campeones


Working with its oleophobic partner, a hydrophobic coating is engineered to repel water.  It works by creating surface tension, stopping water droplets from spreading, and taking  hold on the lens. With a good hydrophobic treatment, water whisks away, giving the  sunglasses wearer clear vision. This can be vital in a host of sports, such as:  

  • Running. There may be no sport that subjects a pair of shades to sweat like  running, making sweat-resistant sunglasses a key part of any serious runner’s  exercise gear. Not to mention what a light rain can do to your ability to see. Even  if you’re just out for a light jog, moisture buildup on your lens could be an  annoying distraction. And a dangerous one if you’re out on a road around cars.  Not a problem with hydrophobic lenses!  
  • Fishing. Now there’s an activity that can splash some serious water on your  sunglasses! From sweeping ocean sprays to a light river mist, if you’re out there  angling, you’re going to encounter water, with your sunglasses taking the brunt of  the splashing. Beyond fishing, any time you’re near water is a good time for  water-repellent shades.

    Woman wearing Spring Break Campeones


    It’s a common misconception. Polarized lenses are great for reducing glare outdoors, so  they must be great for outdoor sports. Right? Well, not always. Some athletes rely on  glare for their sport, using it to determine distance, depth, and surface conditions of all  kinds. Here are just a few sports that benefit from non-polarized lenses:  

    • Mountain Biking. Misreading the ground conditions while flying down a mountain  path could be dangerous. But it’s much less likely if you’re wearing non-polarized  lenses that help you accurately read slopes and spot uneven patches in the  terrain.  
    • Basketball. Visual perception is vital in five-on-five games when the court gets  congested. Non-polarized lenses are better for judging the distances of players  and tracking the ball. 
    • Pickleball. And it’s better-known cousin tennis! Judging the distance between the  net and the court’s edges is easier with non-polarized lenses.  
    • Baseball. “Keep your eye on the ball” is a real thing. Gaze-tracking is one of the  most important visual skills in baseball. Polarized lenses could hinder your ability  to follow a baseball as it travels through the air.  
    • Golf. For most golfers, the pluses of non-polarized sunglasses outweigh the anti glare benefits of polarized ones. Sunglasses with non-polarized lenses make it  easier to judge the distance to the hole, spot shadows, and gauge slopes. This  gives golfers who wear non-polarized lenses an advantage with a greater ability  to read the greens.

      Man wearing Knockaround Sunglasses


      Speaking of golf, the sport and the color green are inextricably linked (epitomized by the  famed Masters Green Jacket worn by the champions of Augusta National). But the color  green doesn’t simply provide pleasant scenery while you’re out playing a round. Green  has a deep psychological effect. 

      Studies show that time spent in a green environment significantly reduces a person’s  heart rate, creating a relaxing and soothing effect. For that, we can thank human  physiology. Colors such as red have long wavelengths, and our eyes have to work to  see them, provoking a stress response. Green has a short wavelength, and eyes don’t  need to adjust for it in green spaces. This creates a sense of calm that has a far reaching impact on a person’s mental and physical wellbeing.  

      Would you like to turbo-charge that green power? With color-enhancing technology,  Knockterra+™ will make you see greens in a whole new way! This high-tech filter really  makes greens pop, offering maximum contrast that could make all the difference in your  game. Putting, chipping, and driving all benefit from an enhanced field of vision. This  sharp visual acuity can literally bring your game into focus, upping your performance  and lowering your handicap.  

      Slip on a pair of shades with Knockterra+™ tech and see how dramatically a golf ball  appears against a glorious expanse of green. But Knockterra+™ isn’t just for golfers.  Just about any outdoor sport could benefit from an amazing color-enhanced view!  


      Consider a pair of Flight Paths. These wraparound shades have adjustable rubber nose  grips and adjustable non-slip arms for peak performance. Another popular pair of  wraparound sunglasses, Campeones offer a wider profile that brings a bolder look to  your outdoor activities.  

      Perhaps you’re looking for a pair of running glasses. Or baseball shades? Tennis  sunglasses? However you choose to use your sports shades, you’ll want to make sure  they have the performance-boosting power of Knockterra™ or Knockterra+™.  

      Written for Knockaround by William McCleary  

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