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Sunglasses for Pickleball

Polarized sunglasses perfect for your next pickleball match. Minimal glare to support maximum performance.



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Robotron 5000 Campeones Sport Sunglasses with Frosted Grey Frames and Silver Smoke Lenses, Flyover
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Robotron 5000

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Polarized Pickleball Sunglasses: Take The Court By Storm

If you haven’t heard, Knockaround has been named THE official sunglasses of Major League Pickleball! So we’ve put together a collection that highlights the best sunglasses for pickleball that we have to offer. Pickleball is all about good times, and we’re stoked to be a sponsor for a sport that’s gaining traction worldwide. Both newcomers and veterans are invited to strategize and try their hand at this exciting court-ship dance.

Corny jokes aside, it’s no surprise that pickleball was created by three imaginative dads almost 60 years ago. This improvised take on badminton requires few updates, and everyone is invited to play! With that in mind, our ideal game of pickleball is defined by a few basic ingredients: great friends, sunshine, and some flashy pickleball eyewear. When you’re playing in the great outdoors, protecting your peepers with some polarized pickleball sunglasses is essential so that you’re ready for anything.

Since we know you’ll be showing off your latest athletic wear, our collection of sport sunglasses for pickleball is perfect for matching. No matter if you dig the chill vibe, or you’re here to make a statement, we’ve got a variety of pickleball sunglasses to complement your style. Even if you decide your new frames don’t quite cut it, no worries! We stand by our 100% happiness guarantee and 30-day returns (on U.S. standard orders), so you’ll get the right pair just in time for your next match.

Whether you’re playing doubles or crushing it solo, our sport sunglasses for pickleball will set you up for success. Embedded rubber nose pads designed for minimal slippage, they’ll stay put on even the gnarliest of overhead smashes. We know you’ll dominate the court, but don’t forget to have fun! We just hope you’ll remember us when you’re a decorated pickleball champion.