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Another Mother Runner is a vibrant, inclusive community of women runners worldwide that connects via on-line discussions to in-person retreats—and pretty much every other way in between.

We cheer each other’s PRs; we empathize with injuries; we gently push each other out the door; we laugh daily and overshare occasionally; and together we celebrate the running lifestyle. With all of the distractions in our lives—work, family, pets, volunteer commitments, and an endless stream of laundry (so.much.laundry!)—we know it’s a challenge to find the time and motivation to stay active. Another Mother Runner minimizes those speed bumps.

We're here to keep you moving and inspired with lively podcasts, expert-led training programs, an entertaining newsletter, badass running apparel, and, most importantly, each other.

"These sunshine shades remind me, during a rough workout,
the sun will always rise again."

—Dimity McDowell, Co-Founder of Another Mother Runner.

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