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10 Amazing Virtual World Games

May 03, 2021

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Exploring our planet is more difficult with today’s travel restrictions. But you can easily visit online virtual worlds with these top virtual world games.

Second Life for a Second You

Begun way back in 2003, Second Life is still at the forefront of virtual world games, populated by real-life players from across the globe for you to interact with. Sometimes with avatars that look stunningly like the real players (the human ones at least!). It's a big virtual world with lots to explore and you can help to shape its landscapes. What can you do there? That's a big list! It includes partaking in parties, joining clubs, developing real estate, and setting up a virtual business for making actual money.


The Many Worlds of Minecraft

With 17 versions of the game and counting, it's tough to say which Minecraft world is the "best." They're all pretty awesome! But in common they offer amazing virtual experiences across detailed and randomly generated worlds with deep forests, soaring mountains, and wide oceans. And indeed you can "mine" the world to build just about anything you want, from sprawling mansions and one-of-a-kind treehouses to hideaways in caverns under the sea.


Meet the Masses at IMVU

With over 100 million players, IMVU is a virtual world that's mostly populated by young adults. And while it is geared toward younger players, some parts are for those 18 and older. Start off with a bare-bones apartment that you can gradually customize with stuff you buy with the game's credits. There are more than 30 million items available in one of the world's largest catalog of virtual goods. Then go out and explore the vast world, from its theme parks, beaches, and nightclubs to a host of user-created spaces.


No Man's Sky for VR Immersion

Strap on your VR goggles and go explore alien worlds with No Man's Sky. You begin by waking up alone in a strange setting. It is a combat game, so you can expect some fighting, but that part's pretty basic. The big draw of No Man's Sky is its amazing world, full of ancient alien civilizations, relics to unearth, and mysteries to solve. Through mining, excavating caves, and constructing bases you can take part in altering the world.


Generations of Active Worlds

The grandfather of virtual worlds is still around: Active Worlds welcomed its first virtual visitors back in 1995! While the game may lack some of the stunning visuals and creative locations of later games, Active Worlds offers more Old School charm. And it's grown significantly over the decades, home to hundreds of millions of objects, taking you to small towns and big cities, inviting you to play games and chat with other players.


OurWorld for Younger Players

This one has been going strong since 2007! Welcome to OurWorld, a virtual space with beautiful beaches, cozy coffee shops, stroll-friendly shopping lanes, and pulsating nightclubs. Dancing is particularly popular in OurWorld, designed with teens in mind. Create your own 3D avatar and set up your online life using OurWorld money to pick up clothing, furniture, and even pets. Plus there are lots of mini-games to enjoy with other players.


Travel Back in Time With Habbo

Formerly known as the Habbo Hotel, Habbo was founded way back in the year 2000. And, yes, the throwback graphics might seem strange to modern gamers. And you might encounter some trolls—things can get a little weird and politically incorrect inside the Habbo world. But that's part of why it's worth visiting! True to its original name, the game has a prominent hotel that invites you to create and customize rooms and invite your friends to stay there with you.


Lady Popular for Female Fashion

Lady Popular puts what it's all about in its title—a world created for popular ladies. At least virtually, as all of the game's avatars are females. Designed with teen girls in mind, the virtual world lets you go wild with fashion, creating your own ensembles to compete in fashion shows. Spend the day shopping and getting pampered at the beauty salon, and your nights showing off your look at Lady Popular's hottest nightclubs.


An Animated World With Toontown Rewritten

You're not mistaken if the title sounds familiar. Toontown Rewritten was created as Disney's online Toontown was shutting down in 2014. The reimagining has survived and thrived as an amazing cartoon world for kids, a brightly colored place with tons of animal characters. And lots of games and wacky activities that little ones love, full of cartoon classics like pie-throwing, anvil dropping, and water-squirting battles with evil robots.


Falcon Age to Soar Through a Strange World

Available in both standard and VR versions, Falcon Age takes you to a dying planet, a place where lush lands were turned into barren deserts by invading machines. Customize your clothing and set off on a quest to reclaim the planet, with your trusty falcon pal by your side. Encounter lost cities, dramatic desert landscapes and take off on a VR flight on your adventure.

Sure, virtual worlds may not be adequate substitutes for exploring the real one, but virtual world games online can often be the next best thing.

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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