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The Best Breakfast Burritos in LA

June 30, 2021

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Who wants an awesome burrito for breakfast? Let’s dig into the best breakfast places in Los Angeles serving amazing breakfast burritos.


Bring on the Bacon at Cofax Coffee

While this Fairfax coffee shop does pour some fine java, the breakfast burritos at Cofax Coffee are much more popular. Meat-lovers revel in their burrito with crumbled chorizo, their pastrami burrito, Cofax’s tri-tip offering, and a breakfast burrito loaded with thick bacon. But there are lots of great veggie options too, including burritos with tater tots, pinto beans, and spicy poblano peppers.


Build Your Own Burrito at Wake and Late

You won't find a lot of options at Wake and Late; their menu has just five burritos. Plus, an option to create your own. Tater tots make it into their entire quintet of burrito offerings, plus delights like applewood smoked bacon, cotija cheese, pickled jalapeños, and grilled onions. Their signature steak burrito is a popular choice, a carne asada creation with pepper jack cheese and a side of habanero hot sauce.


Guerrilla Cafecito Turns from Tacos

Located just around the corner from Guerrilla Tacos, the small spin-off cafe Guerrilla Cafecito has arguably the best breakfast burritos in the Arts District. Devotees of the popular taco shop will no doubt recognize Cafecito’s spicy salsa, served in offerings such as the Brekkie Burrito with bacon, avocado, and hash browns. Or step things up to sirloin steak with the GTLA Burrito.


Australia’s Answer to Burritos at Great White

Australia probably isn't the first country that comes to mind when you think of breakfast burritos of any kind. But the Australian-influenced cafe in Venice does one of the town's best burritos by the sea. Settle down to dig into Great White's breakfast burrito with Oaxaca cheese, roasted salsa, roasted scallion, chipotle aioli, and Pead and Barnett's bacon.


Corner Cottage Covers the Basics in Burbank

Corner Cottage is about as basic as it sounds, a no-nonsense take-out spot in Burbank that's been a longtime favorite of locals, who are especially fond of their spicy salsa. You may have to get in line for your breakfast burrito, but it's worth the wait for a potato-packed burrito with sausage or bacon—or go for both types of meat in your burrito!


Lily’s for Burritos With a View

Head up the coast to Malibu for a breakfast burrito at Lily’s, a small joint tucked into a bustling shopping plaza just off the Pacific Coast Highway. If you're a meat-lover you'll probably go for the Loco Breakfast Burrito with ham, bacon, chorizo, and sausage. Or maybe you'll order the Pancho Burrito, a veggie creation with beans and green peppers.


Macheen for Meaty Delights

How about some succulent pork belly in your breakfast burrito? You can get that and more at Macheen! The pop-up spot in Boyle Heights begins most of its breakfast burritos with a base of scrambled eggs, hash browns, and poblano cheese. Then adds in delectable items like fried chicken, Spanish sausage, chipotle aioli, and crumbled cotija cheese.


All Day Baby for Filipino Fare

As you might have guessed by the name, you can get a breakfast burrito all day at All Day Baby. Their ADB Breakfast Burrito has earned legions of fans with its smoked Filipino-style longganisa—sweet and spicy sausage that is sure to please your palate, spreading its flavor to the burrito's fried eggs, refried beans, and jack cheese. ADB is also renowned for their pastries, so maybe you'll also order some Mama May's Banana Bread or a Chocolate Walnut Halvah Cookie.


It’s All About the Wraps at La Azteca

Sure, the legendary Aztec Empire probably wasn't too big on breakfast burritos. But their namesake eatery in East LA sure is! La Azteca Tortilleria's claim to breakfast-burrito fame owes a lot to its tortillas: light, soft-yet-firm, and made in-house. Expect to stand in line for the popular breakfast offerings like their Pico de Gallo Burrito, the Ranchero, and a breakfast burrito with nopales (to the initiated, that's Opuntia cactus).

You probably haven’t had an authentic Los Angeles breakfast until you’ve had a breakfast burrito. So why wait? The best breakfast places in LA are waiting for you.

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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