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Mocktail Drinks You Can Make at Home

December 07, 2021

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While traditional cocktails are wonderful, virgin cocktails are great alternatives for the times when you feel like going booze-free. Here are some simple mocktails for savoring cocktail-like experiences.


Consider Zero-Proof Spirits

Almost any cocktail can be turned into a mocktail with alcohol-free spirits. For use as mixers or for pours straight from the bottle, there are some excellent options that recreate the complex tastes and unique sensations of liquor without any of the deleterious effects.

  • Seedlip is a big name in this area. Their three-spirit set has non-alcoholic libations that are distilled from natural-grain spirits just like liquor, but with the alcohol extracted at the end of the process. The result is a spirit-like experience while sipping their woody, floral, and herbal varieties.
  • Ritual Zero Proof has well-regarded tequila, rum, whiskey, and gin alternatives.
  • Lyre's is another great brand with a wide range of non-alcoholic spirits. They have offerings like the martini-ready ersatz dry vermouth, Campari alternatives, and alcohol-free sugar cane spirits that you can substitute in any rum drink.
  • Bourbon lovers will be impressed by the oak-barrel authenticity of Spiritless Kentucky 74, sipped straight-up or enjoyed as a mixer in whiskey drinks.
  • Calorie-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free, ArKay’s non-alcoholic vodka satisfies both the weight conscious and those looking for a flavorful vodka experience without the booze. As vodka is one of the world's most popular mixers, this may be the ultimate maker of mocktails.
There are lots of other alcohol-free options you can find online and have delivered to your door.


Mocktails With Everyday Ingredients

While zero-proof spirits are great options, you don't have to buy specialty liquor alternatives to make good mocktails. Combining more common ingredients can get you there as well.

Virgin Piña Colada. This is one mocktail you may be familiar with. Popular because it's pretty much a milkshake with tropical flavors. Drop pineapple chunks, scoops of ice cream, coconut milk, and pineapple juice in a blender. Mix until creamy and drop a maraschino cherry on top for serving.

Mojito Minus the Alcohol. Simple and satisfying, a mojito mocktail is a refreshing choice. Muddle mint leaves and lime juice at the bottom of a glass, add some honey simple syrup and splash in sparkling water. A few stirs and a lime garnish and you're done!

Mock Moscow Mule. If you've got a copper cup at home, it would almost be mocktail malpractice not to recreate the experience of a Moscow Mule. But a regular glass will do. Pour alcohol-free ginger beer over crushed ice, splash in some club soda, squeeze in lime juice and enjoy.

Sangria Sans Booze. You can use alcohol-free wine here, but virgin sangria works just as well without mock vino. Peel and slice citrus fruits, oranges, lemons, and limes, and sweet fruits such as blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Mix a bottle of white grape juice and Sprite (or less-sweet soda water). Combine it all together and refrigerate for at least three hours.

Shirley Temple. The original mocktail. Legend says this alcohol-free drink was invented by a Hollywood bartender in the 1930s to serve to the actual Shirley Temple, a child star at the time. True or not, the concoction has staying power. The traditional recipe is just ginger ale with a dash of grenadine topped by a maraschino cherry. But you can get creative and substitute lemon-lime soda with some orange juice in the mix.

Kid-Safe Singapore Sling. Another classic, the Singapore Sling was invented over a century ago on its namesake island. To recreate the magic without the alcohol you can mix a base of tonic water with pineapple, mango, and pomegranate juice. Top off with a few tablespoons of lime juice, garnish with mint sprigs and enjoy.

Green Tea Hot Toddy. Grandmothers of old swear that a hot toddy, usually whiskey, water, and honey, can help cure a cold. It can't. But hot toddies are delicious. And you can get that same warming sensation by mixing up jasmine tea, honey, lemon juice, and sprigs of mint. And a shot of alcohol-free mezcal will take the mocktail to a whole new level.

Mock Mai Tai. For making a party punch that all ages can enjoy! Stir together pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice, and a generous serving of almond syrup. Store it in the refrigerator for a few hours to let the flavors mix and meld. Serve with a splash of grenadine and a top-off of seltzer water.

A mojito mocktail? Perhaps a virgin daiquiri or a refreshing ginger beer mocktail? Which of these amazing virgin drinks will you be mixing for yourself?

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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