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Wonderful Wine Tasting in Los Angeles

December 08, 2021

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Where can you enjoy the best wine tasting in Los Angeles? Let’s explore some of the top spots for sampling fine wine in LA.


Pali Wine Co.

There may be no better way to spend a day in the Arts District than by pulling up a chair on the patio of the Pali Wine Co. to sample some of their vintages. Or settling down at a barrel-like table in their modern tasting room. Pali exclusively serves their own award-winning California wines, which lean heavily to Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs. With the unique feature of wines on tap; never having been bottled, these wines go straight from the barrel to the glass.


The Wine House

"Try before you buy" is a particularly nice policy if you're shopping at The Wine House, which offers tastings of many of the 6,000 wines for sale at the massive store in West LA. And automated tastings too! While they do offer traditional tastings at their second-floor restaurant, a small tasting room offers a more modern experience. A dispensing machine has a rotating roster of 30 different wines to sample with the press of a button.


Silverlake Wine

They've expanded to locations in Highland Park and Downtown LA, but perhaps the best spot to enjoy a wine tasting is at the original location in Silver Lake. Silverlake Wine specializes in lesser-known vintages, small-producer artisanal and organic wines, and the wines that are featured at their weekly tastings are always for sale at discounted prices. In general, they have some of the best prices in the city—without any wine snobbery.


San Antonio Winery

As the only spot in LA that barrel-ages its wine on-site, the San Antonio Winery holds a special place in the hearts of the city's wine lovers. For generations—the winery's history dates back to 1917. Don't let the industrial location fool you; while set amid a sea of downtown concrete by the LA River, inside you'll find an oasis. Take a guided tour of the facilities, browse an expansive wine shop, savor a wine tasting, and dine at their Maddalena Restaurant.


Héritage Fine Wines

For a more upscale wine experience, head over to Beverly Hills and Héritage Fine Wines; celebs and other Hollywood elite are members of their wine club. John Legend's label LVE Collection is available there. But mere mortals can also settle down at a table on their street front patio or at their festive rooftop space to choose from a massive selection of Old World wines, with a focus on labels from France.


Rosenthal Wine Bar

For sipping fine wine by the beach, it's tough to beat Malibu's Rosenthal Wine Bar, offering arguably the most laid-back tastings in the LA area. It's hard to miss the spot, fronted by a massive wine bottle and giant-sized wooden beach chairs for photos. Set just back from the coastline, the 24-acre estate is known for hosting events—live music, karaoke, stand-up comedy—on their patio. All, of course, with some amazing wine, including their namesake label and a collection of Surfrider wines.


Malibu Wine Hikes

While we're up the coast in Malibu, we should mention the popular Malibu Wine Hikes. It's about a 2.5 mile hike through the vineyard with some wine to-go once the tour concludes. If you're not quite up for hiking, they also have VW bus and 4x4 vineyard tours. Both include wine to enjoy during the tour.


Pour Haus

If you're looking for a fun happy hour in Downtown LA, Pour Haus is ready to serve with a variety of affordable pours, plus board games that are perfect for sharing with friends at both indoor and outdoor seating. While the wines that come from across the world are the big draw, an eclectic food menu comes a close second. Snack on gorgonzola stuffed dates, vegan tacos, or turkey sloppy joe's on Hawaiian bread.


Colorado Wine Company

Take a trip to Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock to check out the Colorado Wine Company, a wine bar and retail shop that has some great wine events: Lazy Sunday Flight, Friday Night Flight, and Monday Night Jazz. Prices are affordable, the atmosphere has a laid-back neighborhood bar vibe, and they've also got a selection of beers on tap.


Whether you choose a winery in LA, a wine bar, or head out for a wine tour near Los Angeles, some amazing Los Angeles wine experiences await.

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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