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Top 4 Knockaround Sunglasses for Running

Beach to Track: 4 Best Sunglasses for Every Run

February 19, 2019

The right gear makes a good run better. When you’re running outdoors, well-designed sunglasses can enhance your comfort level, reduce distractions, and, most importantly, prevent sun rays from damaging your eyes, just as it can to your skin. Not only can UV-resistant lenses protect fragile eye tissues from UV damage but also the delicate skin around them. Whether it's at the beach or your first 5K run, maximize your eye protection in style by trying out some of our most lightweight and durable sunglasses for running.

Fast Lanes: Sunglasses for Your Neighborhood Run

Great sunglasses for running

Your most reliable run is the one through your neighborhood, as you weave up and down familiar streets, maybe even waving hi to neighbors along the way. Considered the most convenient route, neighborhood runs have their own set of challenges, especially if you live in a hilly area.

Regardless of the terrain you face, you need sunglasses that won’t slip, slide, or bounce. Fast Lanes feature clean-cut rectangular lenses that hold up well under any conditions. No matter how fast you run, or may have to dip and dodge, through your neighborhood, trust that your Fast Lanes will stay put—especially if you pick a pair with a rubber finish. These lightweight shades are also FDA-approved and feature impact-resistant lenses with full UV400 protection.

PRO TIP: Make the most of your neighborhood run by seeking out uphill runs and/or a set of stairs, which can improve your endurance. Adding speed-work to your everyday run can improve your time and increase your stamina. To really up your game, try mixing some strength training into your run by stopping to do some squats and lunges along the route.

Fort Knocks: Durable Specs for a Track Run

Best running sunglasses

A track run tests your limits as you focus on speed work instead of endurance. Track workouts require determination and stamina, as you take on short, high-intensity runs that maximize your effort.

Fort Knocks are perfect for runners focused on speed. Named after the United States Bullion Depository in Fort Knox, Kentucky, these sunglasses feature a supremely durable design with comfortable and secure injection-molded frames. Designed for medium and large face shapes, Fort Knocks sunglasses sport a form-fitting shape that won’t shift or slide when you’re sprinting on the track. Impact-resistant lenses hold up well with every stride. Plus, your eyes will remain protected on even the sunniest day thanks to full UV400 protection.

PRO TIP: If you’ve never hit the track before, seek out a running pal or even a coach to guide your initial workouts as you focus on improving your speed, which can positively impact your performance in long-distance races.

Mai Tais: Shades for a Sunny & Sandy Beach Run

Running sunglasses

Even if you’re staying along the hard, wet sand next to the water, beach runs can be more challenging than road or track running. Not only is running on sand a more rigorous workout, but also the sunlight reflecting off the ocean can take a toll on your body. So next time you hit the sand for some exercise, slip on a pair of our Mai Tais sunglasses for superior sun protection.

Mai Tais feature a laid-back look perfect for a day spent at the beach, but don’t let their cool look fool you. These shades are built for the challenges of any beach run. They feature impact-resistant UV400 lenses that will stay put even when you’re splashing in the surf or relaxing in the sand long after your run ends.

PRO TIP: Change your running style to suit your course. When possible, run during low tide when the sand is most packed, which will make each stride easier. Additionally, avoid angled surfaces on the beach, which can result in knee or hip pain. Look for the most even part of the beach to set your course.

Premiums: Sunglasses for the Big Race

Sunglasses for running

Competitive runners know that preparation for endurance races begins long before you stand at the start line. Whether you’re a novice runner preparing for your first 5K or an experienced runner gearing up for another marathon, a few key strategies apply to your race prep.  

Use the same gear you plan to use on race day. As a competitive runner, you need sunglasses big on comfort and function. After all, when you hit mile 25 of that marathon, you’ll want to focus on endurance and the finish line, not the sun shining in your eyes. Our Premiums sunglasses are the best bet for serious runners.

Equipped with top-of-the-line features, Premiums feature FDA-approved, impact-resistant lenses. UV400 lenses protect your eyes, and you can upgrade to polarized lenses for additional glare reduction. With refined arms, form-fitting frames, and wide lenses, these sunglasses deliver a secure fit that won’t shift during your race. Plus, our Expedition Premiums and Frosted Rubber Mint / Aqua Premiums feature rubber finishes that result in reduced slip, slide and bounce for a secure fit from start to finish. Premiums are available in a wide range of colors so you can coordinate with your race-day gear for a perfectly matched look.

PRO TIP: When you’re prepping for an endurance race, work on building your distance in the first few weeks or even months leading up to your run, aiming to reach your maximum mileage by about a month before your race. Working on building your mileage gradually is essential to maximize your success.

*All frames mentioned in this article can be specially designed to your preference in our Custom Shop.

Written by Barbie Carpenter for Knockaround

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