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Tips on Taking Epic Selfies in Your Sunglasses

How to Take Epic Selfies in Your Sunglasses

February 15, 2019

Whether you’re an Instagram influencer or not, learning how to take epic selfies in your sunglasses is an art worth learning. Here are some tips to help you pull off the best #sunglassesselfie, covering everything from choosing the right backdrop to positioning the perfect angle. Because nothing kills a good beach selfie like a squint when taking it. Here’s to thinking outside the “frames” while leaving your shades on.


Capture the Right Lighting

So, you made it up to Griffith Observatory and want the perfect sunset selfie? A good rule of thumb for avoiding glare is to position yourself with the primary light source, like the sun, in front of you and behind your phone. But be sure not to stare directly at the sun. Even if sunglasses hide your squinting, you’ll be unable to relax your face enough to reflect the serenity one should feel at sunset.


Angle to Avoid Reflection

Even in the best lighting, you may find that you can see the phone’s reflection on your lenses. This takes the attention off you and those new special release sunglasses you’re trying to show off. Try lowering your phone to hide its reflection, or play with angles. But be warned, if lowering your phone results in a few extra chins, you may want to tilt your head. It can take a few practice runs before you discover the perfect angle; even celebs have to practice.  


Choose Your Backdrop Wisely

Don’t neglect interesting surroundings–especially in a vacation selfie. While the center of attention in a selfie should be you (otherwise, we’d call them something else), backdrop does matter. Still, you may want to avoid too many background distractions. And although the main source of light should be in your foreground, have some background lighting as well, if possible.


Be Extra Mindful with Mirrored Lenses

Mirrored sunglasses are cool AF, but be extra-mindful about reflections. Even if you’ve already perfected your angle with different types of sunglasses or think you know your most flattering lighting, it may take a few attempts to get it right. If all else fails, you can always have a friend snap a photo for you—it might be even more epic.


Crop Out the Nonsense

Took a selfie but not 100 percent convinced it will rake up the likes? Crop out the unnecessary details, but make sure not to cut off limbs or any objects that might look disjointed. Keep in mind that your subject (or you) don’t always have to be at the center of the photo. Rule of Thirds, or in this case, placing yourself off-center, is an underrated selfie tip that can set your Insta apart from the rest.


Written by Erica Garza for Knockaround

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