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The Best Sunglasses for Kids

October 18, 2020

Outdoor play is so important for kids, especially in today’s world where tablets, smartphones, TVs, and video games are tempting them to stay inside and keep their eyes glued to screens. While encouraging outdoor time, make sure you also promote safe eye habits by keeping a pair of kids sunglasses at the ready. They’ll be much more likely to cooperate if they have a pair of their very own shades in a style they love!

Each pair of Knockaround kids sunglasses fits 1 to 5 year olds and offers polarized lenses and full UV400 sun protection. Here are some of our top picks:

Construction Zone

Grab your hardhat, because you’re now entering the construction zone! For the collectors of dump trucks and toy cranes who dig more holes in the backyard than the dog and get a kick out of exploring dad’s toolbox, these Construction Zone kids sunglasses reflect everything they love. The frames are a combination of caution tape yellow and black arms matched with cement-like matte grey fronts. Backyard playtime is bound to be even more fun with these kids sunglasses.

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Pig Out in the Park in Spokane


Child or adult, who doesn’t love pizza? These super fun pizza sunglasses for kids have all the toppings their little hearts desire, nestled on a cheesy-yellow backdrop. The best part? They won’t be able to make a mess with this pizza, since both the frames and lenses are incredibly durable (even by kid standards).

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Pig Out in the Park in Spokane


Your little love bug will be seeing hearts when they lay their eyes on these super cute kids sunglasses! Tiny hearts dot the outside of the strawberry red frames and create a ladybug-like look that makes kids smile. The color and pattern make these kids shades perfect for summer playtime as well as special occasions like the 4th of July.

Shop Lovebug Kids Premiums >>

Pig Out in the Park in Spokane

Slime Time

These kids sunglasses might give parents nightmarish flashbacks of the mysterious messes that children have the power to create through sheer will, but kids will definitely love our Slime Time frames! The lime green coloring is bright and fun, and the oozing effect around the tops of the arms and fronts gives the impression that these shades are made from super slime.

Shop Slime Time Kids Premiums >>

Pig Out in the Park in Spokane

Park Ave

Does your little one want to look just as sophisticated as mommy? Our pretty pink Park Ave kids frames are perfect for your budding fashionista. We made everything pink, from the arms, to the front frames, and even the lenses! What more could a mini-you want? You can even pick up a matching pair in adult sizing to make the resemblance even sweeter.

Shop Park Ave Kids Premiums >>

Pig Out in the Park in Spokane


Do you remember summer camp as a kid? Roasting marshmallows, playing games by the lake, and laughing with your new-found friends? These Campfire frames aim to bring back those memories for you and help create new ones for your kiddo. They feature everything you need for the perfect campfire: bright orange flames on the front frames, soft yellow light in the lenses, and wood-grain look-alike arms to keep it burning all through the night.

Pig Out in the Park in Spokane

Wingtip Blues

Your mini-me is going to be the coolest kid in the class with these suave sunglasses. They’re put together like a well tailored suit, and kids will fall in love with the fun polka dot pattern and cool blue frames. Wingtip Blues are the perfect all-purpose sunglasses, whether you and your kiddo are headed for a family vacation at the beach, walking to the playground, or just out and about.

Pig Out in the Park in Spokane

The list doesn’t end here; we have a whole collection of sunglasses for kids that will make their eyes light up (while keeping them shielded from UV rays, of course). For more subtle, traditional sunglasses, we also offer black frames with smoke lenses and glossy tortoise shell frames with amber lenses, both of which can also be found in adult sizing for a family set. Either one would be a great option for multi-purpose, everyday wear. Kids might lead rough and tumble lifestyles, but at least they’ll have a pair of shades that are up to the task!

Written by Sara Antonuccio for Knockaround. 

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