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10 Terrific Telegram Channels and How to Join Them

November 19, 2021

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Existing in the space between messaging apps and social media platforms, the Telegram app has surged in popularity, now one of the world’s most downloaded apps. Let’s look at some of the best channels and how you can search Telegram channels.

Telegram 101

For the uninitiated, Telegram has both channels and groups:

  • Channels fall into two categories: public and private. Private channels are invitation-only, one needs to get added by the administrator. With public channels, anyone can subscribe; channels are designed for broadcasting information to mass audiences, usually on a specific topic or theme. Channels, which anyone can set up, are not designed for having conversations but rather for disseminating information almost like a mini blog with comments capability.
  • Groups are invite-only and much smaller than channels. Limited to 200,000 users, groups share similarities with social media sites—members can chat with one another and do things like run polls. You often see families, businesses, and community organizations use Telegram groups to share media and keep in contact.

How Do You Find Telegram Channels?

A few ways. You can search directly in the Telegram app. Reddit is a great resource. There are also several websites that make finding Telegram channels and groups simple, such as the Telegram Channels site, and

Channels for Traveling the World

International Geographic

You've probably heard of National Geographic. So, you've probably got a good idea of the content you'll get with International Geographic. Take virtual visits to some of the most breathtaking places on the planet, with pictures and videos of everything from idyllic islands, majestic waterfalls, and ancient cities. Each location comes with a short description, plus a link to the site on Google Maps to explore further.


Chances are you can't travel to an Arctic tundra, or trek through the Amazon jungle so easily. No worries. The Wildlife channel brings the exotic creatures that call these places home to you with photos and short videos. Plus, some adorable pets that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

For Staying Informed

The New York Times

If you don't have a digital-access subscription to the New York Times, the number of online articles you can click through is pretty meager. So why not preview your NYTimes content on Telegram? They post links to online articles on their Telegram channel more than 100 times a day! You'll probably want to use Telegram's muting feature to filter out some of the overload of breaking news.

Ask Me

Fans of useless trivia and obscure fun facts can subscribe to Ask Me, which also asks and answers some fairly educational things too. Like, why are veins blue? Are black holes actually black? And what keeps the sun spinning?

Arts and Entertainment

Netflix Fans

With over 600,000 subscribers, the popular Netflix Fans channel updates regularly about all things Netflix. From news about actors and flicks that are in the works to trailers for upcoming Netflix shows, this channel is one of the best sources for everything Netflix has got going on.


One of the most popular movie-related channels on Telegram, FaibersGate covers a wide range of cinema-related stuff. The channel suggests films for you to watch based on your age and tastes, with movies broken down by genre and ratings from viewers. With links, files, and screen captures, FaibersGate connects you to a trove of Hollywood treasures. There's also FaibersAnime for cartoons and anime.

Private Art

While the art of Private Art isn't exactly private, as much of it is displayed in public museums all over the world, it does come directly to your private mobile device. From centuries-old masterpieces to modern works, amazing images are sent out each day.

Just for Fun


The Quote channel is exactly what you might think: famous quotes from famous (and sometimes not-so-famous) folks. Wise words from Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison to Charles Dickens and the Dalai Lama are delivered each day, sometimes with a graphic to illustrate the point.


Another channel that's pretty clear on what it's all about, Memes delivers some of the funniest memes you'll find online. Over 100,000 people and counting have subscribed to have daily doses of meme comedy sent to their phones.

Wallpapers Central

Like to give your phone a new look? It's made simple with the Wallpapers Central, which has a massive selection of high-resolution wallpaper images that continually grow in number with regular updates. Just click the download link to load the wallpaper onto your device.

Haven’t downloaded the Telegram app yet? What are you waiting for? With so many choices, for sure there’s a Telegram channel that’s right for you.

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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