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Best TikTok Beauty Hacks of 2021 (So Far)

September 09, 2021

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Some of the best TikTok hacks can leave you looking your absolute best. Let’s delve into a few amazing TikTok beauty tips that are trending.

Soap Brows

This long-used trick of makeup artists has made its way onto TikTok; soap brows are enjoying their rightful time in the spotlight. A simple bar of soap can give you amazingly full, fluffy, and natural-looking eyebrows. Begin by spraying a bar of soap with water and swirling it with a spoolie brush until you get a nice, light paste. Using an up-and-out motion, comb the soap into your eyebrows. Shape and trim the brows to your desired look. The result is a lifted, feathery look that will last all day long.


Just like it sounds, "tan-touring" is a hack that uses self-tanner to get great contours on your face. It's simple and delivers dramatic effects in almost no time at all. Using a flat brush, apply the self-tanner to the parts of your face that you normally contour—nose, forehead, cheekbones, and forehead. Leave it untouched overnight and in the morning, you'll have a beautifully "tan-toured" face. How long does it last? If you're washing your face as you normally do, you can expect the contour to last for about three days. Though, it will last longer if you use a heavier application of self-tanner.

DIY Lipstick

There's no need to limit your lipstick colors to the number of tubes you buy. Which can get expensive if you want to have a variety of colors. To massively expand your lipstick arsenal, all you need is Vaseline and an eyeshadow pack—you can pick up a set of 32 colors, which is cheaper than buying multiple colors of lipstick. Just take a tiny dollop of the petroleum jelly, mix in the eyeshadow color of your choice until it's completely blended, and apply to your lips. And there's no need to limit yourself to basic colors: glittery eyeshadow can make some awesome lipstick too.


Since you've got that Vaseline handy, give slugging a try. They might have called this one "smearing," as that's what you do with the petroleum jelly, but it makes you slimy like a slug, so fair enough. Clean your face well first, then apply a generous amount of Vaseline over your face. Best if you leave it on overnight, and you'll probably want to use a pillow protector as your face will be pretty slimy. While petroleum jelly doesn't have anti-aging properties, it does trap moisture and will leave you with fresher and fuller-looking skin.

Lipstick as Blush

While DIY lipstick is awesome, don't go tossing out your lipstick tubes just yet, they can double as blush. Huh? Yeah, smearing lipstick across your cheeks, nose, and forehead sounds totally wrong. But when used with foundation, lipstick can make for some awesome blush. Moisturize your face first so it's primed with a barrier for the base products. Then swipe on the lipstick—don't worry that it looks ridiculous. Blend it with a brush or sponge and then apply concealer or foundation over the lipstick. The blush-like qualities should surprise you.

Sock Curls

Perhaps best known as "Disney princess curls," sock curls are just what you think: curls you get using socks. Gorgeous curls that Rapunzel, Ariel, Belle, and all the other Disney characters with lustrous, full-bodied locks would kill to have. And all it takes is a few regular socks. The longer the better. Just take a section of hair and twist it around a sock; the more twists, the tighter the curls you'll get. Hold them in place with hair ties. Four or five socks should be enough for your whole head. Let them set overnight and in the morning when you remove the socks, you'll have beautiful, bouncy curls.

Backward Makeup

This one sounds too wacky to work, but devotees of the "Foundation in Reverse" TikTok trend prove it does. You basically take your regular makeup routine and do most of it backward. Begin with moisturizer as you normally do. But instead of reaching for the foundation for the next step, dust on the powder that you would usually finish with. Follow that with a few spritzes of a setting spray. Next, apply some primer over that. For the last step, blend in the foundation. Backward, yes, but with beautiful results.

Winged Eyeliner with a Bobby Pin

The very idea of nailing winged eyeliner can send some into a panic; it's one of the hardest beauty techniques to perfect. A bobby pin to the rescue! This is a pretty simple hack. Just paint the ends of a bobby pin with eyeliner and press it against your skin at the end of your lash line with the little knobs of the flared bobby pin on either side of the corner of your eye. Pull back the pin and you've got the start of a perfectly positioned wing. Use it as a guide to paint on the rest.

If a beauty hack is trending on TikTok there’s a good chance it works pretty well. But you’ll probably have to try out a few of these TikTok hacks yourself to know for sure.

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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