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 6 tips to remember while cleaning your shades - microfiber cloth

6 Tips to Remember While Cleaning Your Shades

February 11, 2019

The right pair of sunglasses can take you from throwing shade to lighting up the party, but smudgy, scratched lenses are a dim proposition. To make the most out of both your personal style and the lifespan of your sunglasses takes a combination of day-to-day care and occasional maintenance. Learn these six handy habits to keep your sunglasses clean and scratch-free as long as possible.

1. Use Plain Dish Soap

Natural oils from the skin and eyelashes cause day-to-day smudges, so you’ll need a gentle de-greaser. Consider your everyday dish soap as your go-to sunglasses sprucer-upper. Thoroughly rinse the glasses with warm water, then apply a drop or two of lotion-free soap to the lenses as you rub them between your fingertips under a running faucet. Finish up by drying them with a clean microfiber cloth.

6 tips to remember while cleaning your shades - plain dish soap and water

2. De-Grease Those Frames

While dish soap can easily de-grease the lenses, your frames, temple tips, and nose pads also call for occasional attention to keep them hygienic and looking fresh. Though less noticeable, those natural oils collect on the frames, too.

Reach for a disinfecting wipe to kill germs along the non-lens portions of your shades, all while giving them a fresh-off-the-rack shine. Just make sure the wipe is bleach-free to avoid damaging the material in the frames.

3. Practice Scratch Prevention

Everyone needs a great summer adventure, but sometimes you venture a little too hard and dirty up your brand-new shades. Instead of spending your day googling “how to remove scratches from sunglasses,” take a few easy, preventive measures and perform a little every-so-often maintenance.

After a day at the beach, run your sunglasses under a stream of clean, warm water before giving them a once-over with a microfiber cloth. Otherwise, those tiny sand particles can scratch your shades. Chlorine can also damage shades, so give them a quick clean water rinse after taking a dip in the pool, too. Avoid cleaners that contain alcohol, ammonia, vinegar, or bleach, as these can chemically degrade the anti-reflective lens coating.

4. Invest in a Cleaner

If you're a hardcore accessories enthusiast, an ultrasonic jewelry and eyewear cleaner is a solid investment. Try a combination of clean water and ultrasonic waves to deep clean your sunglasses. Soundwaves form tons of small bubbles, which rapidly implode with enough energy to gently remove even the tiniest debris from every nook and cranny of your sunglasses. As high-tech as that sounds, all you’ve got to do is fill the device with water, close the lid,  and press a button to get started.

5. Avoid Storage Mistakes

A longer life for your sunglasses may even mean a healthier life for your eyes, which makes it extra important to steer clear of common storage mistakes. When storing your glasses, always place them lens-side up to avoid scratches. If you use a case, make sure it has a soft, anti-scratch lining.

Resist the temptation to keep your sunglasses on your car's dashboard as well. Sunglasses may love the summertime, but extreme temperatures can affect the shape of plastic frames over time.

6. Ward Off Warping

A hot window dash isn't the only thing that can cause misshapen frames. Always remove your sunglasses with both hands and avoid wearing them on your head. These habits may seem small, but both can cause frames to become misaligned as they subtly bend the shape of your shades.

Written by Dan Ketchum for Knockaround

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