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Random Celebrity Products That Are Really Real

August 13, 2021

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Celebrities selling products is nothing new. But some of the weird products they’re selling will probably be new to you. Let’s look at some unusual products that enjoy celebrity marketing.


Celebrity-Backed Product Lines

Here, celebrities didn't just do a commercial or appear in an ad for a product; they're involved in creating, marketing, and slapping their names on them to make a few bucks.

Post Malone Has His Own Crocs

While they do have fans, Crocs are also notoriously ridiculed. Post Malone is pretty much the opposite of the latter; Posty was the darling of the 2020 Billboard Awards, sweeping the show with a whopping nine trophies. So perhaps we can be shocked but not surprised that Malone's Crocs, some in hot pink and some crossed with barbed wire, sell out shortly after they go on sale.

Hulk Hogan’s Thunder Mixer

You really can go to Amazon and have the Hulk Hogan Thunder Mixer delivered to your door. On the box, this thing says it "harnesses the powerful force of a cyclone to mix and blend faster and easier than any other method." We don't know about that bold claim, but the little plastic battery-powered blender does look like it can blend stuff.


Hanson Brothers Mmmhops Beer

Who doesn't sing along when the classic Hanson song "MMMBop" comes on? It's almost impossible not to join in with the infectious tune! While that song came out almost 25 years ago, the Hanson Brothers are still capitalizing on its fame. Mmmhops isn't the only Hanson Brothers beer they make. They've got a Pink Moonlight peach milkshake IPA, a Tulsa Tea stout, and a spicy Festive Ale. But none are as fun to say as their malt-forward pale ale Mmmhops!


Marilyn Manson's Mansinthe

Absinthe was long banned in the United States and other countries, mainly for its high alcohol content that can reach up to 75%. Marilyn Manson says he was introduced to the drink by Johnny Depp at a party in France in the year 2000. So, in 2007, when the U.S. lifted the ban on "the green fairy," Marilyn got behind his own brand of the booze. You'd be wise to go easy when drinking this stuff; Mansinthe is 66.6% pure alcohol!

Mansinthe - Absinthe by Marilyn MansonPhoto Credit: Cirofono / Flickr


The Kiss Kasket

Two siblings from the rock world were actually buried in Kiss Kaskets: brothers Dimebag Darrell, in 2004, and Vinnie Paul, in 2018, both from the group Pantera. Kiss frontman Gene Simmons donated the first for Dimebag's final resting place. Kiss band members introduced the casket, which features their pictures and the band's logo, in 2001.


Strange Celebrity Endorsements

While these celebs aren’t actively creating products or branding them with their names, they are appearing in ads to sell the stuff.


Kim Kardashian for Charmin Toilet Paper

Back before that adorable bear family charmed (or grossed us out) with their "Hiney's Clean" commercials, it was Kim Kardashian who was tasked with promoting the brand of toilet paper. Live and in person! In 2010, Kim Kardashian took the job opening a Charmin-sponsored bathroom in New York City's Times Square, there as the celebrity emcee for the debut of the toilets for tourists.

Katherine Heigl Pitches for Cat Litter

When you think of cat poo, actress Katherine Heigl probably doesn't come to mind. That is if you haven't seen her commercials for Cat's Pride Kitty Litter. Heigl plays a "cat therapist" in the ads. Is the actress who was once getting between $12 million and $15 million per film broke? Probably not—a portion of the cat litter sales goes to an animal advocacy group.

Drew Barrymore Sings for Crocs

Drew Barrymore and John Cena haven't gone as far as Post Malone with their affinity for Crocs; both are merely brand ambassadors for the footwear, coming on board for the Crocs "Come As You Are" campaign. But few stars have shown as much enthusiasm for the products they endorse as Barrymore, who sings and dances with absolute glee to sell Crocs.

There’s lots of weird stuff to buy with celebrity branding out there. Will celebrity endorsements convince you to pick up some of these truly weird things to buy online?

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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