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Simple Acts of Self-Care to Get You Through Lockdown

July 13, 2020

While it's always good to practice self-care, with the strange new world brought to us by COVID-19, it's particularly important to look after yourself and your overall well-being at the moment. Small acts of self-care can help make all the difference between feeling anxious or overwhelmed and having a bit of peace of mind in your day-to-day routine.

If you're feeling restless, stressed, or generally unsettled by the current state of affairs, try taking a step back. Aim to create a home environment that's positive, calming, and productive (but don't be afraid to kick back and put your feet up now and then). There are loads of ways to practice self-care to achieve mental well-being. These are a few of our top picks.

Stay Connected

Staying connected with friends and family is an absolute must when you're self-isolating, especially if you live alone. And even if you live with others, it's good to see a fresh face, even if it's via your laptop screen.

On the flip side, you might experience a burnout from constant texting, phone calls, or Skype sessions. Know when to give it a rest. It's just as important to take a break from technology, especially with the extra time on your hands.


Try Meditation

Taking a moment to detach yourself from the outside work via meditation can work wonders for your mental health. Meditation isn't for everyone, but many folks find it a helpful way to decompress and quiet their minds. If it isn't your cup of tea, simply sitting in a tranquil space like the back garden (if you have one), the local park, or a brightly lit room can be quite calming and help reduce stress and declutter your brain.


Pick Up a Hobby

Carve out space for hobbies and the things you enjoy. Now is a superb time to launch into a new project, take up a new hobby, or learn a new skill. Always fancied yourself an artist but never had the time to explore your creative side? Grab that pencil. Have a guitar gathering dust in the corner of your bedroom? Pick it up and play a few chords. Read through that pile of books you've been ignoring, write the book you've always had at the back of your mind, or check out some of the excellent free courses available online. It's a great way to have fun, keep busy, and develop new skills you may not have had time for pre-coronavirus.


Go Outside

Do make sure you get outdoors and soak up some rays. The fresh air, sunshine, and exercise (even if it's a leisurely walk around the neighborhood) will do wonders for your mental and physical health.


Don't Forget to Exercise

Regular exercise is good for everything from boosting your immune system, to improving mental health, and even helping you sleep at night. Even the most basic home fitness routine can get your blood moving, your brain releasing endorphins, and ultimately, let you feel more relaxed by the end of the day. Head for a run, jump on your bike or create a routine you can do from your living room. YouTube is a fantastic resource if you need some inspiration. Adding exercise to your daily self-care routine goes far to help maintain a sense of normality whether you're working from home, waiting for the office to reopen, or are looking for your next gig.


Eat Well

It's tempting to eat when you're stuck in the house in the throes of boredom. And it's totally fine to treat yourself to sweets and savory snacks now and again. But overall, you'll want to nourish your body with nutritious foods to support your immune system. Nutrient-dense foods will also help you maintain high energy levels and keep you feeling healthy.


Give Yourself Some TLC

This can take many forms—it could be treating yourself to your favorite takeaway or whipping up an extravagant dinner. Cooking and baking can be incredibly therapeutic—not to mention the added bonus of the delicious outcomes. Maybe your version of TLC is a long, soothing bath scented with essential oils, catching up on a TV show, or rewatching a favorite old film. Whatever form it takes, keep it regular, and don't feel guilty about chilling out now and again.

Practicing self-care during lockdown is as easy as taking a moment to listen to your needs, assess your feelings, and making little changes to your routine to do things that promote relaxation and an overall sense of well-being.

Written by Camille Berry for Knockaround.

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