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Gift Sunglasses to Every Person in Your Life

December 07, 2022

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A pair of sunglasses may be the perfect gift, fashionable, useful, fun, and adaptable to just about anyone's personal style. But not all the people in our lives want the same things, and this is certainly true when it comes to shades. So let's delve into who the people in your life are, and what sunglasses can complement them perfectly.

For Mom

Your mom, like all moms, is unique, so her sunglasses should fit her singular style. And maybe that next level of style you (and she, even if she doesn't admit it) would like her to get to. If your mom's tastes are more relaxed, you can look to the casual-cool style of the Paso Robles with their contoured lenses and smooth, rounded corners. Choose the charming throwback color-way of Vintage Rose or the warmth of translucent lilac with Daydream.

Paso Robles Sunglasses

For Dad

While all dads are different in vastly different ways, they're all kind of the same in one dad-like way: they usually like what they like. So what does your dad like? If he's into classic style, you can never go wrong with the time-honored aviator look found in Mile Highs, and more so with the trusted combo of Gold / Aviator Green. If dad's style leans a little more to the cutting edge, a stylish pair of Brookbed Mary Janes, with polarized gold mirrored lenses, might be a perfect fit.

Aviator Green Mile Highs

For Your Sister

It can get complicated with siblings; you're super close, you're super distant, you're rivals, you're unified by purpose—sometimes all in one day! No matter how tangled things can sometimes get with your sister, you can both agree that the subtle cat-eye flair of Deja Views bring a wonderfully elegant touch to just about any ensemble. Does your sister's style go bolder? Consider a pair of Spanish Rose with gradient purple frames that stand out stunningly from the polarized black smoke lenses. While the relaxed arctic blue frames of Chill Out may suit a more casual sister.

Spanish Rose Deja Views

For Your Brother

You may know your brother better than anyone in the world. And might just want to change a few things about him if you could. But you can't. And shouldn't try when looking for gift glasses. If he's into classic style, give him exactly that with a pair of Classics, keeping things upscale with Black on Black / Smoke or go with cool blue Terrasail sunglasses with a pop of flair in their polarized red mirrored lenses. If your brother likes summer vibes, a pair of Soul Surfer Pacific Palisades might be the perfect choice.

Soul Surfer Pacific Palisades

For Your Stylish Friend

Buying for a fashion-forward friend comes with a unique set of challenges. They have distinct tastes, and you have to both capture and complement that personal style with anything that they'll put on. Best to keep things simple, avoiding anything with flash that could clash (unless that is their style) and go for a sophisticated presentation. You might consider a pair of Seventy Nines if your friend's favorite looks include vintage vibes. Does your friend's style lean to the free and funky? Then a fun-loving pair of Mai Tais may be the perfect choice.

Seventy Nines Sunglasses

For the Adventurer in Your Life

Most of us have friends who caught the travel bug early in life and you'll almost always find them setting off on a new adventure. From local hikes to far-flung journeys, the adventurer's travels can do with a durable pair of sunglasses that can stand up life on the go—and look good doing so! The Bonfire Fort Knocks are just such a versatile pair of shades. With impact-resistant lenses, they're tough enough to take along on outdoor adventures, yet stylish enough with rose gold hardware to feel at home in a trendy cafe anywhere in the world.

Fort Knocks Sunglasses

For Your Sporty Pals

There's a good chance you've got more than one friend in your life who leads an active lifestyle and is into sports. And for all the different ways they like to get active, we've got the right pair of sunglasses. 

For your favorite runner, consider a lightweight pair of Rubberized Navy / Mint Premium Sport glasses, with rubber nose pads for a secure and comfortable fit while in motion. If your friend is a hiker, they'll surely appreciate a pair of Desert Fast Lanes Sport with speckled sunset fade frames. Yoga enthusiasts are sure to love the Zen-inducing cool of Icy Blue / Moonshine Fast Lanes Sport sunglasses. Got a golfer in your life? You might choose a pair of Matte Tortoise Shell / Amber Torrey Pines, which look great when you're out on the greens while offering UV400 protection and a polarized option.

Navy/ Mint Premiums Sport

And what about your favorite ripper? Many of us have a friend who heads up the mountain to hit the slopes at the season's first snowfall. And when they're not skiing or snowboarding, they're dreaming of them. Even the casual skier or snowboarder could probably use a new pair of snow goggles. If your ripper likes to keep things cool, Black / Smoke Flybys are a good option, while our Mind Melt Slingshots may better suit a friend with some more flair.

Mind Melt SLingshots

For That Hard to Buy For Friend

Maybe they're finicky. Maybe they resist change. Maybe their outfits never include shades—but should. Whatever reasons there are that make that one friend so hard to buy for, a solution is usually basic black. It's cool, clean, subtle, and goes with just about everything. So consider a pair of Black On Black / Smoke Premiums, with matte black frames and a design that's at once classic and modern—perfect for even the pickiest of friends!

Black Smoke Premiums

For Your Partner in Life

That special person, who you know more intimately than anyone in the world, deserves special consideration when shopping for their gift. Here, perhaps it's best to consider less what they need, and more what they want. Maybe set aside the practical use of sport sunglasses, or the utility of blue light blockers, and aim for something closer to the heart. This may mean the rose-gold warmth of a pair of Mesa Horizon Fast Lanes or the relaxed and confident cool of a pair of Glossy Tortoise Shell / Amber Fort Knocks Deluxe. Give this gift some extra thought and you'll know what's right for your special someone.

Deluxe Fort Knocks

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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