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10 Cool Gifts for Mom and Dad

December 08, 2022

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Parents are often some of the hardest people to buy gifts for. Made more difficult by their continual insistence that they don't need anything. But is that true? No, there are surely practical things that they can use, whimsical things they'll love, and things they'll truly appreciate because they got them from you. Let's look at a few of them.

1. Massage Gun

A soothing massage at your fingertips is a great gift for anyone. And the gift-giver can spend as much as $600 for a handheld massager. A much more affordable high-quality device, the TaoTronics deep-tissue massager has variable speeds and six interchangeable heads, designed to offer just the right amount of muscle relief. Parents can use it individually or give each other massages. It's available here for $39.99.

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2. Mini Waffle Maker

There's just something about waffles that makes a morning right for everyone, from kids to older adults. And mini waffles are almost sure to bring a smile to anyone's breakfast. But the culinary creations don't stop there with a mini waffle maker, which is great for cooking hash browns, cookies, and biscuits—perfect if your parents like to get creative in the kitchen. Just plug it in and the no-stick cooker will deliver golden goodies in no time. You can get one on Amazon for $17.99.

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3. Milk Frother

Are your parents lovers of lattes? Cappuccino connoisseurs? But maybe they're not heading out to trendy cafes every day. Then their kitchen shouldn't be without a ElitePro Double Whisk Handheld Milk Frother. Beyond looking great in its counter stand, this sturdy little battery-powered wonder can whip milk into a creamy barista-level froth in no time. Choose from a rainbow variety of colors that best suits your parents. And it comes with an egg-beater attachment—all for just $7.97 on Amazon.

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4. Tea Subscription

If you've got a tea drinker (or two) in your life, getting new blends delivered to their front door each month can be a wonderful gift. While there are lots of services to choose from, Tea Runners excels in both value and customization. With a focus on loose-leaf organic teas and over two dozen choices, they give subscribers the chance to customize their shipments, though not with the first one—that's a surprise gift! You can get a subscription for $25 per month here.

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5. Fire TV Stick

Even the most tech-challenged parents should find the Fire TV Stick easy to use, and it'll open up their worlds to a range of streaming content that's way beyond their traditional cable service. Just plug it into any TV's HDMI port to turn that device into a smart TV with the ability to watch streaming services, including Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, and more. Parents should even get the hang of the Alexa voice remote in no time! You can get one here for $19.99.

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6. A Booze Book

While e-readers have revolutionized how we think of books, they can't compete with the tactile feeling of holding a physical book in our hands. This may be especially true for older generations. And if that book is about the history of booze in America, all the better! Give the gift of a coast-to-coast libation tour with The United States of Cocktails: Recipes, Tales, and Traditions from All 50 States by Brian Bartels. You can get a hardcover copy (and, yes, a Kindle version too) for $14.99 on Amazon.

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7. Compost Caddy

While garbage may be the last thing that comes to mind when mulling over a possible gift, perhaps it shouldn't be. Not if you're thinking about giving the gift of composting. For eco-conscious parents and those striving to get more green, the Simplehuman 4L Compost Caddy is an attractive stainless steel bin that can stand alone or hang on the side of a traditional trash can to take food scraps and other organic waste. The odor stays sealed until you are ready to use the compost as fertilizer. You can get one from Target for $49.99.

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8. White Noise Machine

As people get older, many often find it increasingly difficult to fall asleep at night. And if your partner snores, that can cut into sleep time even further. A white noise machine may be the answer to both problems. While targeted at parents with babies, the Dreamegg D11 Sound Machine works for all ages. It's got eleven sound settings, including a shhh sound, background chatter, and lullaby music, as well as a night light—all designed to help lull you into slumber. You can pick one up here for $29.95.

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9. Electric Wine Opener

From older parents who don't want to hassle with the strain of opening a wine bottle with a corkscrew, to those who just love cool gadgets, there's the electric wine opener. With just one charge, the cordless, stainless-steel Cuisinart CWO-25 can uncork up to 50 wine bottles. Just remove the bottle's foil with the cutter that stores in the charging base, set the bottle inside for the two-button operation: press "Remove" to uncork and press "Eject" to release the cork. Buy one from Cuisinart for $29.95.

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10. The Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

Mom's in serious need of some upgraded shades? Help her take her style to a new level with the elegant cat-eye flair of a pair of Deja Views. Or a similar sophisticated look with vibrant colors that gives Mai Tais a feeling of fun. While dad may never be cool in the eyes of his kids, he can get pretty close by slipping on some aviator style with a pair of Mile Highs. It could spark a small battle over who gets to wear the amazing unisex sunglasses, but it's well worth it to have a versatile pair of shades that suit just about everyone and any situation.

Space Range Mile High Aviators

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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