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12 Cool Gifts for that Special Someone

December 09, 2022

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It may be a trite cliché, but "it's the thought that counts" really does ring true when getting a gift for that special someone in your life. You don't need to spend a fortune. You do, however, need to put some thought into who you are buying for, and what you want to say with your gift. And best if it's done in a highly personalized way. Let's look at some great gifts (at nice prices) that can do all of that and then some.

1. A Burn Book

Book burning is a good thing? It can be as part of a self-realization process, which most of us want the special people in our lives to enjoy. That's the idea behind Burn After Writing by Sharon Jones, a TikTok sensation and national best-seller that takes an unusual approach to self-help. The interactive notebook poses profound questions and offers thought experiments that prompt the reader to confess their deepest secrets and fears. Then expunge them by tossing out, or literally burning, the book. You can get a new copy for about $7 on Amazon.

Pink Burn Book Gift Photo Credit:

2. Burt's Bees Essentials

Renowned for their all-natural ingredients, Burt's Bees has a gift set that can help you and your partner ease chapped lips, patchy skin, dry cuticles, and more. The essentials kit includes coconut foot cream, milk and honey body lotion, their signature beeswax lips balm, and other skin-soothing products and it’s available for $9.99 here.

Burts Bees Essentials Gift KitPhoto Credit:

3. Heated Travel Mug

For those who like their morning java on the go, and would like to keep it hot during their drives to work, the stainless steel Tech Tools heated travel mug could become an indispensable part of their morning routines. It plugs into a car's twelve volt power source and, with a touch of unique style, shows the coffee's temperature on the mug's wonderfully old-school analog indicator. You can get it on Amazon for $32.95.

Red Heated Travel Mug Photo Credit:

4. Black on Black / Smoke Mary Janes

If that very special person in your life has a style that's smart and subtle with a casual air, they'll love a pair of Mary Janes with matte black fronts and black metal arms. And all the better if they have a fondness for the outdoors—the shades have polarized lenses with full UV400 sun protection.

Knockaround Black on Black / Smoke Mary Janes

5. A Custom Map

Does the place you and your partner met have special significance? Perhaps the neighborhood where you had your first apartment together, or the spot where you were married. No matter the location, you can have that special place memorialized with a custom map featuring a personal message saying why the locale holds such importance. Pick the location, map size, design, and message and will send you a framed map for as low as $19. You can connect with them here.

Selection of Custom Maps for GiftsPhoto Credit:

6. Reel Viewer With Your Images

Folks of a certain age will remember that before VR goggles, there were these things called View-Masters. And they were (and still are) awesome! You dropped in a cardboard disc with seven images on transparent film, brought the device up to your eyes, and clicked through a series of 3D images that often told a story. You can still have that throwback fun today—with a personalized update. Just send your favorite images to Uncommon Goods. They'll put them on a disk and send you a reel viewer so that you and that special person in your life can click through some memories. You can get one here for $14.95.

7. Glossy Tortoise Shell / Amber Deja Views

If you have a loved one who would like to add a touch of elegance to just about any outfit, the glossy tortoise shell frames of Deja Views stand ready. An oversized frame offers a sense of sophistication, as well as utility, as Deja Views work with just about any face shape.

Woman wearing Knockaround Glossy Tortoise Shell Deja Views Sunglasses

8. Messages in a Bottle

This one is for people who have lots of things to say to that special person in their life—90 things to be exact! Infmetry's Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle is a glass container with a cork top that's filled with multi-colored capsules. Which, granted, doesn't appear so special. What matters is what's in the capsules: blank pieces of paper waiting for you to write messages to whomever you choose. If they read one message every day, that's about three months' worth of your good feelings expressed with one gift. Buy one here for $12.99.

Custom Message in a Bottle Gift

Photo Credit:

9. Travel Cocktail Set

Do you like picnics with your partner? Perhaps enjoyed with a cocktail or two? Then you should both get good use out of a portable bartender kit. The kit's 25 ounce stainless steel cocktail shaker is perfect for mixing up martinis, with the exact proportions of gin and vermouth thanks to the included double measuring jigger. Use your muddler to whip up some mojitos or mint juleps. Or the corkscrew to open a bottle of wine for sharing. When you're done, roll up the kit for easy carrying. Buy one on Amazon for $38.99.

Travel Cocktail Set from AmazonPhoto Credit:

10. At-Home Cooking Class

If you have a foodie in your life, chances are they look to YouTube for recipes to cook along with. Why not take that to the next level with an online cooking class? Sur La Table has quite a few to offer. Along with other class attendees, you can interact with professional chefs on a 90 to 120 minute Zoom session. Choose a class that fits your palate, such as Tuscan Steak Night, Delightful Dumplings and Potstickers, Tex-Mex Style Enchiladas, and more. You can sign up for classes starting at $29 per household on their site.

Person Preparing Pasta DoughPhoto Credit:

11. Unisex Fragrance

As they say, the couple that sprays together stays together. Well, they don't say that, but maybe they would after trying the Ind. For Her For Him Unisex Fragrance from Urban Outfitters. The appealing eau de parfum fragrance works for him, her, or however one identifies, bringing couples who share the same scent closer together. You can get it from Urban Outfitters for $18.

Fragrance Gift SetPhoto Credit:

12. Aromacare Essential Oil Diffuser

Bring some soothing scents into the life of the one you love with an aromatherapy diffuser. Just plug it in, add water and some essential oil, and enjoy fragrance-scented air for up to twelve hours. Plus, it doubles as a night light! Get one here for $14.99.

Mint Green Aromacare DiffuserPhoto Credit:

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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