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Man playing video game with controller

10 Essential Gaming Accessories Every Gamer Needs

December 14, 2022

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Whether you're an avid gamer or you've got one in your life, there are some essentials, including blue light gaming glasses, that you should know about. Let's look at some must-haves that can take gaming to the next level.

A Power Tower

With a battery backup. Say goodbye to a tangle of extension cords and power strips that are as unsightly as they are potential fire hazards. And say hello to a power hub with multiple electrical outlets, as well as USB, cable, serial, and network ports—all linked to an LED screen that displays information including battery and load capacities. It's a device that can charge other devices and prevent power interruptions from interrupting your gaming.

Power Tower | Gaming Accessories
Photo Credit: Amazon


An HDMI Switch

Lots of gamers like to switch between their Xboxes and PS4s without the bother of having to pull out and plug in cables. The same for going from a console to a TV. It's best if you can do these things without ever needing to touch a wire. So, for hardcore gamers, an HDMI switch like the Kinivo Pro Series, with five input ports and 4K and HD compatibility, is a good option.

HDMI Switch | Gaming Accessories
Photo Credit: Amazon


Blue Light Blockers

If you're a gamer, you know the toll it can take on your eyes. Which can often lead to painful headaches. But there's a simple fix for that: blue light reduction glasses. By blocking the blue light that's the source of eye pain, these specialized glasses are tailor made for gamers. And they can also help to bring about more normalized circadian rhythms and melatonin levels, leading to better sleep. As no two gamers are alike, these specialized glasses are customizable, with a wide range of color and pattern combinations.

Knockaround Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Gamers


CPU Cooler

While higher-end gaming computers are built to take the heat that comes with hours of gaming, even the best of them can reach temperatures that could damage their components. And if you're using a computer that's not built to meet the rigors of gaming, keeping it cool is a necessity. If you've got a gaming laptop, you can do it a favor with a USB-powered cooling pad.

CPU Cooler | Gaming AccessoriesPhoto Credit: Amazon


Dr. Emil's XP-RX

In addition to having expertise in sports medicine and nutrition, Dr. Emil Hodzovic is an avid gamer. And so he's uniquely qualified to formulate a supplement that targets the specific needs of gamers. What do the capsules contain? They've got Vitamin D to help with eye health and to improve vision, helping with the tired, dry eyes that often come with long hours of gaming. Add in teacrine to help fight fatigue, dynamine to help make muscles more responsive, Huperzine-A for enhanced mental functions, and caffeine for some natural energy boosting.

Dr. Emil Nutrition XP-XR Supplement for Gamers
Photo Credit: Dr. Emil Nutrition


Mouse Bungee

Pretty much every wired gamer knows the hiccups that can happen with the cables of even the best of gaming mice; the slightest tug on the cable can upset crucial moments while gaming. But not with a mouse bungee, which keeps the mouse cable elevated on a spring arm, almost guaranteeing that there won't be any cable drag and offering an experience that's really close to wireless. Simple, cheap (about $13), and highly effective!

Mouse Bungee | Gaming Accessories
Photo Credit: Amazon


Couch Gaming Lapboard

Tired of spending hours hunched over a desk? For gamers who like to do their gaming a little more leisurely, the CYCON Couch Gaming Lapboard lets you play from a more relaxed, prone position. Settle back on a couch or a bed with the lapboard that has a USB hub for peripherals, forearm supports, and even side pockets for stashing gear, snacks, drinks, and more. Worried about the keyboard slipping? Don't. It's held in place by Velcro!

Couch Gaming Lapboard | Gaming Accessories
Photo Credit: Amazon


Headset Stand

One often overlooked aspect of gaming is when you're not gaming. And that's precisely when a good headset stand comes in handy, serving to protect valuable headsets from the damage they could find by just getting tossed in any old spot. So what should you look for in a stand? You want one that's sturdy and fits with your personal sense of style, as a stand will probably be on full display on your desk or another prominent place. One solid (and affordable) choice is the Satechi Aluminum Headphone Stand—sleek, durable, and with multiple USB ports for charging.

Headset Stand | Gaming Accessories
Photo Credit: Amazon


Gaming Chair

Serious gamers are usually pretty particular about the chairs they use. And gaming chairs run a wide gamut, from the basic to tricked-out chairs that look like they belong on a space ship—and cost just about as much! One affordable option that comes with features you expect to find in much higher-end gaming chairs, the COUGAR Explore S Gaming Chair will set you back less than 100 bucks. For that, you get a racing-style chair with high-density mold-shaping foam, 3D armrests, and a steel frame that reclines and adjusts for ergonomic alignment with your desk.

Orange and Black Gaming Chair | Gaming Accessories
Photo Credit: Amazon


Day After Sunglasses

Whether you've got red and tired eyes you'd like to shield from the world, or just need to adjust to sunlight after long hours indoors, a solid pair of shades for your emergence into the real world can be essential. So which will you choose? If outdoor activity is your thing, you might go with an active pair of Fast Lanes or Torrey Pines. If you prefer to be more subtle and sophisticated, you can never go wrong with the cool aviator style of Mile Highs or the chic cat-eye flair of Deja Views. Or maybe you'd like to keep things light and colorful with a fun pair of Mai Tais. Whatever look you wish, we've got the sunglasses!

Man wearing Knockaround Sandbar Fort Knocks sunglasses

So grab your gaming headphones, slip on your favorite gaming glasses, and settle in for some serious gaming, now hopefully enhanced with a few of these must-have gaming accessories.

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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