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Sunglasses Style Guide

7 Pairs for 7 Days: Our Weekly Sunglasses Style Guide

February 28, 2019

When it comes to your wardrobe, it’s important to have lots of options. You’ve likely got sections of your closet dedicated to clothes for the office, for the gym, for nights on the town, and for times when you just want to kick back and relax around the house. However, you might not be able to say the same thing about your sunglasses! Even though sunglasses are a key accessory when it comes to putting your best (and most stylish) face forward, many of us rely on a single, tried-and-true pair of sunnies for every occasion.

We might be a little bit biased, but we firmly believe that you can build a whole wardrobe of sunglasses—just like you do for your other clothes and accessories! On our checklist of essential pairs: classic shades to wear on your way to work, rough-and-tumble frames for outdoor activities, and some colorful options to show off your wild side on the weekend. Below, we’ve mapped out our perfect week of stylish sunglasses. Read on for our daily pairs and start building your own weekly wardrobe.


Monday: Classics

Many of us get the blues at the beginning of the week, and it can be tough to feel motivated when you hear your alarm on Monday mornings. Keep it simple as you get your week started and slip on a pair of Classics for your AM commute. We’re partial to the understated look of a black-on-black pair, which can complement almost every face shape, skin tone, and outfit. Paired with a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich from your favorite deli, they’re the perfect way to wake up and kick the week off right without overthinking your look.

Knockaround Classics Sunglasses


Tuesday: Premiums

The workweek is officially underway and you’re in full business mode. If your Tuesday schedule is filled with client meetings and cocktail hours, you need some sunglasses that go from work to play with ease. Enter a pair of Premiums, the unisex style that might be our most versatile design ever. (P.S. they’re super flattering, so you’ll look and feel like the total boss you are.) If your office attire is more suit-and-tie, keep things traditional with glossy tortoise shell frames. To make a bolder impression, brighten up your Tuesday wardrobe with some splashy mirrored lenses.

Knockaround Premiums Sunglasses


Wednesday: Blue Light Blockers

When the midweek slump hits in full force, you might be experiencing some serious fatigue at the office. The bad news: your eyes probably are, too. The good news: we’ve got the perfect specs to battle the effects of all that screen time. If your eyes are feeling weary after a few too many spreadsheets and emails on a Wednesday afternoon, treat them to frames with Blue Light Blocker lenses. These lenses filter out harmful blue light rays, which come from everyday electronics like our phones, computers, and tablets as well as the fluorescent lights common in office buildings. Block out the blue light to give your eyes a happier Hump Day.

Knockaround Blue Light Blocker Sunglasses


Thursday: Fast Lanes

Okay, you’re entering the home stretch…Thursday means the weekend is almost here! Thursday night is the perfect time to hit up a happy hour with your friends or coworkers, which means you’ll need some sleek accessories to take your outfit from office to after hours in style. Elevate your look with the cool, clean-cut frames of Fast Lanes, which offer an edgy, angular silhouette. The weekend is just a day away, so feel free to celebrate with some quirky color combinations—like teal geode for a fashion-forward look, or fiery bonfire orange to make sure you’re seen out on the town.

Knockaround Fast Lanes Sunglasses


Friday: Mile Highs

It’s Friday and that means you’re officially OUT OF OFFICE! There’s no better way to kick off the weekend than with a pair of sunnies that are road trip ready: Mile Highs. These old-school aviators are the perfect companions if you’re headed on a weekend adventure; they’re lightweight, super flattering, and polarized to fight the glare whether you’re on the road, beside the pool, or at a music festival. Keep things retro cool in a Top Gun-inspired pair with classic silver frames, or go for the gold in eye-catching copper lenses. If this is the only pair you pack for the weekend, you’re in good company.

Knockaround Mile Highs Sunglasses


Saturday: Fort Knocks

Your Saturdays are likely to be action-packed if you’re the adventurous type. You might start off the day with a hike on a new trail, head to the farmers’ market for some snacks, catch up with your friends for brunch, tackle a few errands, hit the hottest new restaurant, then get ready for a night out. If that sounds like your typical weekend schedule, then you need a pair of sunnies that can roll with the punches—and handle a few tumbles while you’re out with the rock-climbing club. Our Fort Knocks are the perfect companions for a busy day around town, designed for exceptional durability. Since it’s Saturday, feel free to get a little colorful with bright frame-and-lens combinations; we love frosty pink for a rose-colored view of the weekend, or red, white, and blue for a touch of playful Americana.

Knockaround Fort Knocks Sunglasses


Sunday: Mai Tais

There’s no better pair for a Sunday Funday than frames named after a classic cocktail. Sundays are best spent relaxing, whether you’re heading to a boozy brunch, hitting the beach, or just catching up with a good book in the backyard. For a laid-back look that’s still big on style, our favorite sunnies for Sundays are Mai Tais. Embrace a bright, tropical vibe in a pair of fuchsia lenses when you’re headed to brunch with the girls, or keep it low key to close out the week in sleek black-on-black frames. (Wherever your Sunday takes you, order an extra mimosa for us, okay?)

Knockaround Mai Tais Sunglasses


Need even more sunnies for your busy schedule? Craft a few custom pairs in your favorite colors (there are over 1 million possible combinations!) and get ready to take on the week.


Written by Caroline Lees for Knockaround.

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