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The Longhairs

Trouble Brewing for The Longhairs

March 8, 2019

Our friends, The Longhairs, are a San Diego-based men's grooming brand who locked-in a deal with Mark Cuban on ABC's Shark Tank™ in 2018. On March 16th, they're organizing The Great Cut, an attempt to break the world record for the largest hair donation in history.

Here's been their mission all along:
Donate 200 pounds of hair from 2,000 hair donors, and raise $200k for non-profit charity, Children With Hair Loss (the only organization of their kind providing hair replacements for children completely free of charge), which would also break the world record.

Just one problem, as if their goals weren't ambitious enough, they recently had been made aware that the Guinness World Record they are attempting to break at The Great Cut—most hair donated to charity in 24 hours—has not only been broken, but shattered.

While details are scarce, the official record now states:
The most hair donated to charity in 24 hours is 338.67 pounds and was achieved by Fundación Cabecitas Rapadas (Puerto Rico), with the support of San Juan Beauty Show, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, on October 14, 2018, where more than 2,300 people donated their hair during the 24 hours period.

What does this mean? They could use your help. If you're not already planning to go to The Great Cut to donate your hair, then you should go. If you can't go, then you should mail in your hair donation. If you don't have long hair to donate (or even if you do), then here's what you can do:

1) Share this video.

2) Contact salons and barber shops in your area and tell them about The Great Cut—they can mail hair donations they have previously collected.

3) Personal calls, texts or messages to your friends, family and acquaintances with long hair, asking if they will consider donating to The Great Cut.

For your assistance we're sure they'd be eternally grateful. Only time will tell...if The Longhairs will prevail.

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