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Who ever said Knockarounds are strictly for walking, talking, humans? We're fans of pooches, and by the looks of it, pooches are fans of Knockarounds. If you've got a canine throw a pair of Knockarounds on them, snap a pic, share it on social, and use hashtag #KnocksOnDogs. Sun's out, let the dogs out...right? Here are a few of our favorites:

Sunglasses on Dogs: What Could Be Better?

There are few things in life as cute as a pair of sunglasses on a smiling pup. At Knockaround, we adore our four-legged friends just as much as we adore making stylish, affordable sunglasses that last. It’s no secret why we created #KnocksOnDogs—we love dogs and we want to look at pictures of them as much as humanly possible. It’s simple! If you love your furry friends and your Knockarounds, make sure to snap a pic with the hashtag #KnocksOnDogs. Small, large, spotted, merle… if they’re wearing Knockaround sunglasses, we want to see them in action.

Hashtag #KnocksOnDogs for a Chance to be Featured
If you’re just here for pet pic inspiration, then you’re in for a treat. We’re showcasing all of the best #KnocksOnDogs photos yet to share with our dedicated fans and to inspire them to share the love on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and wherever else you share photos online. Share your best snaps to get all of your fellow fur parents in on the action and in the Knockaround fan club. As you know, Knockarounds are for everyone, and that includes stylish pets.

Once you’ve picked out your favorite pair of Knockarounds for your furry companion, make sure to snap a pic and share it on social media. When you tag #KnocksOnDogs, you might just be featured on this page—the #KnocksOnDogs Hall of Fame—alongside all the cutest and most spirited shade-wearing canines. Want a chance to win a free pair of sunglasses? Add the #KnockFan hashtag to be entered into a weekly drawing for free Knockarounds. May the best dog win!

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