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Electricity Knockmix


Electricity has long transfixed humankind. Ancient Egyptians knew about the zap you’d get from an electric eel, and ol’ Benny Franklin was curious enough to fly his famous key-kite during a lightning storm. Flash forward a few years, and we’ve got light shows, laser-beams, and loud music. So power up your amps and plug in this playlist—fun is sure to follow. (While you’re at it, charge your phone—you won’t want to miss any Black Friday announcements.)



Eddie Grant with "Electric Avenue"

Okay, let’s GO!


MGMT with "Electric Feel”

Roy Sullivan was a park ranger in Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park for 35 years. During his tenure in the great outdoors, he was struck by lightning seven times. SEVEN TIMES. That’s an average of once every five years, but six of his strikes occurred between 1969 to 1977. Talk about an “electric feel."


Janelle Monáe with "Electric Lady (feat. Roman GianArthur and Solange)"

It’s a little baffling that Janelle Monáe isn’t bigger than she is. With boogie-licious grooves like this all throughout her discography, throwing her artist profile on shuffle while getting ready for a night out will leave you feeling electric.


Five Man Electrical Band with "Signs"

Circle the calendar, set a reminder, put a post-it on your fridge—whatever signs you need to make to help you remember Black Friday, MAKE THEM. This year’s is not one to be missed.


Alina Baraz with "Electric (feat. Khalid)”

The amount of power used at a given moment is called “wattage.” Amplifiers measure their power output in watts, which eventually project music into an audience. It would stand to reason that if you double the wattage of an amplifier, you’d get music that is twice as loud, right? WRONG. For a speaker to sound twice as loud, it would need to have DOUBLE the wattage. For example, a 100W amp is only twice as loud as a 10W amp, and a 1,000W amp is only twice as loud as a 100W amp. Does that make sense? Yeah, didn’t think so.


Electric Guest feat. Devin Di Dakta with "Oh Devil"

“We had a friend in college who was over at our apartment so often that we joked he should start chipping in for utilities. Guess he was our electric guest.” - Liam, Marketing Coordinator.


BØRNS with "Electric Love"

There are a lot of songs that imply love is “like electricity,” but BØRNS really spells it out for us here in the title. The music video does a pretty groovy job of visualizing the feeling too.


Drew and Ellie Holcomb with "Electricity"

When a person, not a plug, makes you feel that extra charge, you know you’ve found something special. That is an example of a sappy (or should we say “zappy”) sentence.


Silk City with "Electricity (with Dua Lipa)”

Hey! This song has the same title as the last one!


Electric Light Orchestra with "Mr. Blue Sky"

Pretty much the opposite of lightning and thunder, blue skies are what we’re all about here at Knockaround. After all, what better weather to wear sunglasses in than a clear-sky bluebird?


BONUS: ACϟDC with “Back in Black”

Know what’s almost back in black? The Friday after Thanksgiving. That’s right, Black Friday is right around the corner and this year is going to be ELECTRIC. Whether your current is alternating or direct, make sure it flows to our website next Friday for some shockingly good offers.


BONUS BONUS: Michael Gary Scott and Dwight Kurt Schrute with “Straight Outta Scranton”

Every generation is lucky to be blessed with a few songbirds. These are two of ours.

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