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Take a Picture (It'll Last Longer)

It probably goes without saying, but for an e-commerce company like Knockaround, photography is ultra important. Great photos are the way we show off our product, tell our story, and engage with #knockfans and new customers. Of course, photos can be more powerful than just sharing shots of sunglasses on a website. Multiple megapixel cameras (now in just about everyone’s pocket) allow us to capture moments that we’ll remember forever—all in high resolution. For this Knockmix, it’s lights-camera-action: take a listen to some of our favorite photo-inspired songs.


Ringo Starr with "Photograph"

We’re not sure what’s more heartbreaking: losing a loved one or being the least beloved member of The Beatles. Usually photographs are a source of happy memories, but sometimes they’re a painful reminder of the good times. We feel you, Ringo.


Yuna with "Lights And Camera"

Did you know that when cameras were first invented it was considered crazy to smile for photos? Well, things change. Now it’s the exact opposite. You pretty much have to smile, no matter how you feel inside. Yuna’s got nothing to smile about, but it’s lights-camera-action time. Say cheese.


The Cure with "Pictures of You"

After a bad break-up you have to decide what to do with all of those photographs with your ex. You know the ones... dancing at a friend’s wedding, kissing on a sunset cruise in Mexico, unboxing your matching Knockarounds... Let’s take a vote. What should one do with all relationship remnants? Save them or delete them?


Matt and Kim with "Cameras"

What’s your first instinct when you see a beautiful sunrise or sunset, spot a celebrity on the street, or find yourself in an awesome moment. Look down, grab your phone, and take a picture. What happened to just enjoying the moment? Next time you feel yourself reaching into your pocket, don’t.


Frank Ocean with "Lens"

Not to sound too 1984, but there’s probably a surveillance camera on you right now. Unless, of course, you’re in the ocean, because underwater surveillance cameras are a lot more ’spensive. Speaking of oceans, this track by Frank Ocean is a mellow song that we recently added to the Knockaround HQ office playlist.


The Kinks with "Picture Book"

If you think about it, your life is really just a living, breathing scrapbook. Every moment is just another page of carefully cut images pressed onto a colorful background. At the end of your days, will anyone want to flip through your scrapbook?


Gwen Stefani with "Send Me a Picture"

A little PSA for all the kids (and...adults) out there: be careful what photos you send and who you send them to! You never know where they might end up. Gwen Stefani doesn’t seem to follow that advice—she wants someone to send her a picture and she wants it right now.


Def Leppard with "Photograph"

Def Leppard’s lead singer, Joe Elliot, has got a picture of a girl, but that’s not good enough. He wants the real deal. To the girl that Joe Elliot is after: look what you’ve done to this rock-n-roll clown. Look what you’ve done.


Lady Gaga with "Paparazzi"

Baby I won’t stop till that boy is mine, chase you down, follow you until you love me... Sounds more like you’re a stalker than a paparazzi, Lady Gaga. (This video is over 7 minutes long, by the way. Who’s watching this?)


Filter with "Take a Picture"

Ever wake up and say “What the hell happened last night?” Filter’s lead singer, Richard Patrick, has said that this song was about him getting drunk on an airplane and taking off all of his clothes. Yep, probably not gonna remember that! (Unless, of course, someone caught it on camera.)


BONUS: Paul Simon with "Kodachrome”

There’s only one thing Paul Simon can’t live without: his Nikon camera. For the kids who don’t know what Kodachrome is... imagine if your iPhone only took black and white photos, but you could buy a filter that would change it to color. I bet you’d be tellin’ your momma not to take your Kodachrome away, too.

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