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The Final Frontier Knockmix Knockaround

The Final Frontier

50 years ago, mankind laid a big terrestrial boot down on the surface of the Moon for the first time ever. This historic event changed the world and inspired people all over the planet to be fascinated with space travel. Buckle up, folks—the ignition sequence just started and this playlist is about to launch you into orbit.


Elton John with "Rocket Man (I Think It’s Going To Be A Long, Long Time)"

Hey, astronauts are people too! Just because they’re hurtling through the void at 25,000 mph doesn’t mean they don't miss their family and normal life on Earth. Getting to look at the Blue Planet from a porthole is a pretty sweet condolence prize though.


R.E.M. with "Man On The Moon”

This mellifluous melody is an ode to the late comedian Andy Kaufman. The chorus includes the line “if you believe they put a man on the moon…,” which draws a loose connection between rumors of Kaufman faking his own death and the moon landing conspiracy. Whatever the case, this song is perfect for a twilight drive with the windows down, a midnight bike ride, or just staring up at the stars and wondering ”......did they?”


Quad City DJ’s with "Space Jam"

If this song doesn’t make you want to slam dunk from outer space, no song will. This high energy bop from Michael Jordan’s movie debut quickly solidified its place in the Jock-Jam Hall of Fame, and can now be heard at sporting events across the world pumping up everyone from little-leaguers to those who specialize in the granny-shot.


Rachel Platten with "Astronauts"

If anyone should know about eye protection, it's astronauts. Buzz, Neil, and Michael didn’t go up in the Eagle to get their peepers fried, so you better believe NASA considered eye protection for their voyagers. Later, in the 1980’s, NASA led research on UV rays that led to UV protection in modern sunglasses. No need to worry though when you’ve got Knockarounds on!


Frank Sinatra and Count Basie with "Fly Me To The Moon"

Who says you need a rocket ship to fly to the moon? Ol’ Blue Eyes reminds us that a special someone can make space travel happen just as easily (and probably with less dehydrated food involved…).


Beastie Boys with "Intergalactic"

Most people think the Beastie Boys are from New York, but they may actually have come from some intergalactic planet. Their lines are out of this world and their beats sound like nothing else from within the confines of this atmosphere. (Side note: this music video is simply a masterpiece.)


Nicki Minaj with "Starships"

The next time your buddy asks what you want to do, refer them to the first line of this song: “uh, let’s go to the beach.” Starships might be meant to fly, but people are meant to look fly—hit the beach in style this summer with a new pair of Knockarounds!


The Waterboys with "The Whole of the Moon"

No matter how many times you’ve seen one, odds are someone near you is bound to point out the full moon next time it comes around. Some say they make people crazy, but we just think they’re a way to enjoy an evening with a little more light.


David Bowie with "Starman”

It's a warm summer night in 1970’s America. The dull day drags to a close, when, suddenly, your radio kicks to life and gives you exactly what you need to snap out of the monotony of suburbia: a mysterious Starman has taken over the radio waves to deliver vital boogie vibes to the youth of the world. You look out your window and see a bright twinkle in the sky. All is well.


The Police with "Walking On The Moon"

Sometimes being with a certain person makes it feel like you’re not quite experiencing gravity at 100%. But do you ever want that feeling of walking on the moon to go away? No way.


BONUS: Ernie and Sesame Street with "I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon"

Every little kid has thought about going to space—maybe even living on another planet! And sure, it would be pretty cool to bounce around the cosmos for a little while, but hey, it’s pretty nice here on Earth too.

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