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Water Knockmix Knockaround

It makes up 71% of the Earth’s surface and 60% of our bodies. It makes coffee in the morning and ice for your drink at night. It makes us happy and keeps us going! Water means different things to different people, but to these artists, it meant enough to write a song about!

Especially now that we’re getting into the hot summer months, water is a big deal. So throw on a swimsuit, grab your beach bag and Knockarounds, and go find some water!


Ra Ra Riot with "Water"

Oceans. Lakes. Rivers. Pools. Sprinklers. Nothing says summer like heading to a body of water and splashing around with friends. This laidback groove will have you recalling slow motion memories of summers past and looking forward to the days of sun and swimming in your future.


Deep Purple with "Smoke on the Water"

We’re pretty sure about 99% of people who have tried to play guitar have strummed out the iconic riff to this classic song. While it might send shivers down the spine of every guitar store owner on the planet, to the rest of us it’s a classic jam, perfectly aligned with the theme of this month’s Knockmix.


TLC with "Waterfalls"

Written by band member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes in 1995, this critically acclaimed track topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart and received two Grammy nominations. Like the trio warns in the song, we don’t recommend you go chasin’ waterfalls. However, we do recommend chasin’ down one of our upcoming Special Releases...they sell out quick.


Brad Paisley with "Water"

The last verse of this song says it all: “All you really need this time of year is a pair of shades, an ice cold beer, and a place to sit somewhere near water.” We’ve got you covered on the shades, the rest is up to you.


Simon & Garfunkel with "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

Through thick and thin, good times and bad, a true friend will have your back. Just like they’re by your side during tough moments, they’re right there with you making the memories you’ll look back on forever. So take a moment to text a pal of yours and let them know you appreciate them—they’re the people that make life so enjoyable!


Seven Mary Three with "Water’s Edge"

One of the heavier tracks on this month’s Knockmix, "Water’s Edge" describes a few teenagers discovering a dead, bloated body while hanging out down by the swamp. While this somber song might not be about spending a pleasant day at the beach, we’re going to take this opportunity to recommend some high-quality time spent on the water’s edge this summer.


Boyz II Men with "Water Runs Dry"

Think of your love for your boo like a big, full lake. Every ounce of water counts as one ounce of love. Sadly, like real lakes, love can evaporate over time. Sadly, for some of the Boyz II Men lads, the lake is about to dry up. You hate to see it. Do you grab a rainmaker and try to save it? Or, do you let it dry up and find a new lake? Let us know.


Alec Benjamin with "Water Fountain"

The Knockaround office doesn’t have a water fountain (or “bubbler” as it is known to some of us), but it does have one of those water dispensing machines with the big blue containers on top of it. Turns out, changing a 40 pound jug of water isn’t as hard as it sounds!


Carrie Underwood with "Something in the Water”

If Holy water is as life changing as Carrie Underwood makes it sound, then get me a pastor, bless my pool, and allow us to cannonball into that thing so we can come out anew. All kidding aside, this song title reminds us of Shooter McGavin’s famous line in the movie Happy Gilmore.


The Doobie Brothers with "Black Water"

This classic jam from The Doobie Brothers describes jumping catfish in the dark and murky water of the Mississippi River. Mixing a casual drumbeat, pleasantly simple lyrics, and melodic noodling, the end result is a song that gives us a feeling of nostalgia and relaxation that matches summertime perfectly. Oh, and speaking of noodling, let’s go catch us some hand!


BONUS: Talking Heads with "Take Me To the River"

The saying goes: “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” We’ll happily be led to water, but we’re not going to drink it. Instead, we’d prefer to unfold our lawn chair, crack open a cold one, and throw on a pair of Knockarounds.

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