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Thanks a lot Knockmix

Thanks a Lot!

Thank you. Gracias. Danke schön. ありがとう (arigatou). Asante. Merci. 谢谢 (xièxie). Takk. Mahalo. However you dish gratitude, giving thanks is one of the best ways to spread good vibes, acknowledge kindness, take stock of your blessings, and even make yourself happier! As we come upon a time of year when appreciation and thankfulness are perhaps more top-of-mind than usual, think about what giving a little thanks can do for you and those around you, and how you can bring this practice into your life year-round. If you need a little help getting into a grateful state of mind, this playlist is sure to help!


JAY-Z with "Thank You"

We’ve gotta kick this thing off with a huge THANK YOU to all you Knock Fans. Your collective joy, positive attitudes, and look-at-the-bright-side mindsets make every day at Knockaround a blast. So in the words of Shawn Carter, thank you, thank you, thank you, you’re far too kind!

Led Zeppelin with "Thank You"

Another major thank you has to go out to the wonderful, persistent, hardworking folks at the USPS. Without them, Knockaround (and a heck of a lot more) would come to a screeching halt. So to Richard (the kind-hearted fella that delivers to our office), David (the warehouse wiz), and everyone else out there braving the elements to deliver packages, we appreciate you more than you know!

Sly and the Family Stone with "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)"

Weird tangential hypothetical here: if Santa was a rat, would his helpers be mice elves? Sounds like a Stewart Little crossover movie waiting to happen...


Dido with "Thank You"

In terms of mutualistic thank-you’s, Eminem and Dido might be as good a musical example as you could find. On one hand, Dido herself gave Eminem permission to sample the first verse of this song for what many consider his best work, Stan (she also appeared in the controversial music video). On the other hand, Dido’s exposure skyrocketed after Eminem introduced her to the U.S., leading her debut album No Angel to become the top-selling album in 2001.

Who knew?! Helping others out can benefit everyone!


Ernest Tubb with "Thanks a Lot"

If you’re a fan of shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate, hopefully you stocked up this past spring. As of 2021, Girl Scouts will no longer sell the fan-favorite “Thanks-A-Lots” (okay fine, we know Thin Mints and Caramel deLites are the real fan-favorites, we’re just trying to be nice to the retiree). On the plus side, they’ll be replaced with a new cookie, the Lemon-Ups, which will include motivational messages such as “I Am A Leader” and “I Am A Go Getter” baked right in!


Ariana Grande with "thank u, next"

You might have noticed, but we get real excited about Special Releases around here. A lot (like...a LOT) of work goes into each and every one, from brainstorming ideas, to pulling together frame options, to scrutinizing samples, to creating graphics...the list goes on. But when we see the awesome response from our Knock Fans on release day, it is SO worth it. We don’t linger on our success long though, because the next Special Release is always around the corner. Thank you, next!


Wayne Newton with "Danke Schoen"

You don’t have to be Ferris Bueller to enjoy this ditty from The Midnight Idol, but singing along while pretending to dance around on a Van Steuben Day parade float does make it a little more exciting.


Alanis Morrisette with "Thank U"

Life moves fast, and sometimes we can forget to slow down and recognize the small things. Case in point: Alanis Morrisette. After a life with her foot on the gas, Morrisette took a year and a half in the late 90’s to decompress and rediscover herself. During this much-needed deep breath, she spent some time in India and was filled with “an immense amount of gratitude, and inspiration, and love, and bliss.” Out of that time came her hit song, “Thank U,” an ode to all that led her to her spiritual awakening. While you might not be teetering at the peak of musical stardom, remember that decompressing and reflecting once in a while is a great way to stay grateful!


Fall Out Boy with "Thnks fr th Mmrs"

Apparently Fall Out Boy isn’t thnkfl fr vwls.


ABBA with "Thank You For The Music"

Aw, you’re welcome! It’s a real treat to put these together for you all to enjoy. We’re always looking for ways to improve, so if you have any feedback for us, we’d love to hear it. Let us know below!

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Bonus: Louis Armstrong with "What a Wonderful World"

It really is.

What’s something you’re thankful for?

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