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Benny Gold x Knockaround

In the Fall of 2012, Knockaround teamed up with legendary design studio and brand, Benny Gold, to create a set of limited edition sunglasses that commemorated the 75th birthday of San Francisco's most iconic landmark, the Golden Gate Bridge.

When Benny and Ace first started talking about a potential project, the famous SF bridge immediately came up as a starting point.

Watch the video below, which gives insight into Benny and Ace's art backgrounds and how the special "1937" sunglasses came about. The video also documents the release party at the Benny Gold shop in San Francisco, which was... a lot of fun. Maybe too much fun. Thanks to Pabst for the beer sponsorship.

Each pair of Limited Edition "1937" Fort Knocks featured a frosted "International Orange" finish --which fades to a thick San Francisco fog-- and polarized "Bay Water Blue" lenses. 400 pairs were made: 200 were available on, and 200 were available at the Benny Gold store. All 400 pairs sold out in less than 40 minutes.


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