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Two men fishing while wearing Knockaround sunglasses

Fishing Sunglasses

You’ll fall hook, line, and sinker after a day on the water with these shades.

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If you’ve ever gone on a deep-sea fishing excursion—or even just taken your tackle box to a local lake —you know how strained your eyes feel after a long day on the water. When you’re fishing, constant glare can make it tough to spot that prize catch or safely drive a boat. How can you be sure you’ll have a clear view during a day of angling? Polarized sunglasses!

Why are polarized sunglasses the best sunglasses for fishing? Let’s start with the answer to a more basic question: what are polarized sunglasses? Polarized sunglasses got their name because they’re designed to block polarized light—highly concentrated light waves that move in a single plane after bouncing off flat, shiny surfaces, like water. Polarized lenses have been specially treated with a thin chemical film, which contains molecules that block a portion of the light waves. Because less light can pass through their lenses, polarized sunglasses reduce glare, minimize eye strain, and help you see with greater clarity. Here’s a deeper dive into how polarized lenses function, if you’re curious.

Now that we’ve covered the science behind polarized shades, let’s talk about why they’re so good for fishing. First and foremost, they cut down on glare so you can see detail below the water—meaning you’ll be able to spot that trophy fish as soon as it heads toward the surface. In addition, polarized lenses allow you to “read” the texture of the water more clearly, which can be beneficial if you’re driving the boat during a fishing excursion. Finally, polarized lenses are good for overall eye health, preventing strain during long days on the lake or ocean.

Ready to hook your perfect pair? Many of our staple styles, including Classics and Premiums, can be upgraded with polarized lenses for just a few bucks extra. Our favorites for fishing, however, are Fort Knocks, which offer rugged construction and a form-fitting design you’ll appreciate when it’s time to reel in the big one. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up a sunglasses strap to ensure your shades stay put.