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Woman wearing Knockaround Mai Tais

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Mai Tais

This more rounded silhouette provides a sophisticated look for both men and women.
Sunglasses with Beverly Peach Frames and Amber Gradient Lenses, Front Sunglasses with Beverly Peach Frames and Amber Gradient Lenses, Flyover
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Mai Tais

Beverly Peach

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Knockaround Mai Tais: A Laid-Back Pair of Shades

Kick back and relax with a couple of Mai Tais, the Knockaround Mai Tais sunglasses that is! Mai Tais are equal parts laid-back and sophisticated. Think of them as that one friend who rocks workday wear like a pro during the week and then kicks around in shorts, T-shirts, and flip flops on the weekend. Every pair of Mai Tais sunglasses feature a stylish rounded frame silhouette providing a sophisticated and versatile look for men and women. Rock ‘em wherever and whenever—whether you’re heading to a fancy work event, a happy hour with the squad, or lounging on the beach these shades will do you good. They look particularly on-point on wearers sipping an actual mai tai, but that part is optional.

Chill Sunglasses Made for Durability

Like any pair of Knockaround sunglasses, Mai Tais don’t stop at their good looks. They’re also made to handle demanding conditions, adventurous explorers, and the glaring sun (obviously). Each pair is equipped with our FDA approved and impact-resistant UV400 protective lenses so you can rock them during extreme sports, music festivals, hanging out near the water, and during pretty much any other activity. What’s great about these sunglasses is that, because they’re super-affordable, you can also order them in polarized options without breaking the bank.

Why do our Knock Fans love our shades so much? Well, one reason is the fact that we offer so many unique styles in each collection, and Mai Tais are no different. It doesn’t matter if you’re crazy for candy pink or matte black, these shades come in a style that suits your personality to perfection. And, because they’re priced just right, you can grab a pair to go with every outfit, occasion, or special event. So, stock up on your favorite pairs of Mai Tais rounded frame sunglasses at and enjoy free shipping on qualifying orders.