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Sunglasses for Heart Shaped Faces

Looking to find some sweet new shades? Look no further than our selection of sunglasses that will best suit your heart-shaped face.

Irresistible Sunglasses for Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-shaped faces are easily spotted thanks to longer face length, larger foreheads and pointed chins. With these features in mind, it might not be obvious which type of sunglasses for heart-shaped faces look best, but that’s where we come in. This lovely face shape is best complemented by heart face sunglasses that add smooth structure to the face while skipping harsh lines and angles.

Rounded styles like our Deja Views, Mai Tais, Mile Highs and Mary Janes are total go-tos on your hunt for heart-shaped face sunglasses, since they further soften your already-vivacious visage. However, our Songbirds, Mount Evans, Paso Robles and Seventy Nines are steady hits when you’re craving shades that offer a bit more structure.  

No matter which heart-shaped face sunglasses grab your attention, remind yourself that you’ll be covered with full UV400 protection and FDA-approved impact resistance on every pair of shades. Heart face sunglasses might not be required to fall in love, but heart eyes sure are.


Fall in Love with Our Best Heart Face Sunglasses

Your face shape may not dictate the state of your love life, but our collection of sunglasses for heart-shaped faces might just have you falling in love. Those of us lucky enough to have a heart shaped face are most easily spotted thanks to features like a larger forehead, longer face length and a pointed chin. Even though beauty’s totally subjective, our (heart) eyes just can’t resist.

Shapely is the most ideal way to describe the best sunglasses for heart-shaped faces, since accentuating the smooth rounding of the cheekbones is the focus here. Most of our sunglasses for heart faces shy away from linear shapes to avoid minimizing features, and instead offer curvy brims for more flattering structure. Let’s just say you’re in luck if colorful heart face sunglasses are what you came to find!

Rounded and cat-eye sunglasses for heart faces like our Mile Highs, Deja Views, Mai Tais and Mary Janes add to a smoothed out look when you’re feeling cozy in your own skin. On the other hand, our Paso Robles, Songbirds, Mount Evans, and Seventy Nines heart face sunglasses add subtle edges and sophistication to your already radiant face shape.

Just in case you needed another reason to love our heart-shaped face sunglasses, each pair of shades already comes with UV400 protection and FDA-approved impact resistance to stand up against life’s little worries. After you’ve attended to your adoring fans, pop your heart face sunglasses back into their handy protective pouch and get ready to do it all again tomorrow. The possibilities are many for heart faces, but we know you’ll make the right choice.