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The 7 Best Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

The 7 Best Polarized Sunglasses for Fishing

November 13, 2020

Fishing presents a host of unique challenges to hobbyists. From honing your patience to figuring out how to catch every type of fish under the sun, you have plenty to learn about. One lesson you should learn right away is the importance of the right eyewear. The sun’s rays glinting off the water might be aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also impeding on your visibility. For these unique conditions, you need polarized sunglasses, which filter out the glare and dull the harsh light that shines off the lakes, rivers, and oceans you fish. These are some of the best polarized sunglasses you can choose for fishing:

Matte Black on Black / Sky Blue Torrey Pines

Torrey Pines immediately make their mark as top-quality sunglasses for outdoor activities thanks to their wide, full coverage lenses that provide total protection and look great on even the largest face shapes. This pair is ideal for long, lazy days under the sun. The matte black frames are simple, and they hold sky blue lenses that complement the scenery while you take it in. Strong metal spring hinges provide a comfortable all-day fit that won’t wear out or let you down when you feel that tell-tale tug on the line.

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Fishing sunglasses: Matte Black on Black / Sky Blue Torrey Pines

Blues on the Water Fast Lanes

What goes better with a day spent on the water than Blues on the Water frames? Fast Lanes are carefully crafted and well sculpted rectangular sunglasses that suit medium to larger face shapes. The combination of navy and sky blue on the frames paired with a translucent finish gives these shades the ability to blend in seamlessly with the world around them and lets you go incognito while you wait for a bite.

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Fishing sunglasses: Blues on the Water Fast Lanes

Coastal Dune Fort Knocks

Fishing along the beach is a unique and rewarding experience, but anyone who’s spent time under the coastal sunshine knows how brutal it can be on a bright, sunny day. Coastal Dune Fort Knocks have the power to protect your eyes, the durability to withstand many a fishing trip, and the style to match your fishing gear. Dark green melds with sandy tones on the frames, and for just a touch of polish, we added rose gold hardware.

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Sunglasses for fishing: Coastal Dune Fort Knocks

Black / Sunset Classics

One of the many benefits of fishing is the memorable sights you get to witness while spending so much time out in nature. The ultimate reward after a long day, whether you had dozens on the line or none, is the incredible sunset that greets you when you’re getting ready to pack up. These Classics, our all-around favorite frame style, honor that sight and keep it with you from dawn to dusk. Classics are our most versatile sunglasses. They fit well on smaller to medium face shapes and combine top-quality form with all-around function.

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Fishing sunglasses: Black / Sunset Classics

Battleship Premiums

Inscrutable silver smoke mirrored lenses aren’t just good for those who want to go incognito. They’re also useful for those who spend their days scanning the water’s surface for signs of activity or heading out into the middle of the action. Battleship Premiums are aptly named, since they’re durable enough to be ready for anything and are built to look, feel, and be impressive. Premiums are our upgraded version of Classics frames and offer a more accommodating fit for a variety of face shapes.

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Fishing sunglasses: Battleship Premiums

Gold / Sky Blue Mount Evans

Unisex aviators are the favorites of everyone, and our Mount Evans are a modern take on the traditional frames of the past. This particular pair are a little more flashy than the other sunglasses on our list, but who said adventures can’t be had in style? Sleek gold metal wire frames cradle sky blue lenses that have a low-profile silhouette and squared-off shape that make them fitting for more faces than the teardrop lens shape of our Mile Highs aviators. They’re finished with tortoise shell and laser-etched logo detailing.

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Fishing sunglasses: Gold / Sky Blue Mount Evans

Black Ocean Geode Torrey Pines

Some people keep fishing simple. Just a rod and some bait, a camping chair or a boat, and they’re content. Others grab all the hi-tec gear they can get their hands on and take the hobby to a whole new level. Black Ocean Geode Torrey Pines were made for those on the cutting-edge. The electric blue shining out along the edges of the sleek black lenses gives a futuristic feel to these sunglasses, and like our other Torrey Pines they’re extra wide to provide full coverage.

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Fishing sunglasses: Black Ocean Geode Torrey Pines

When you’re putting together all your gear and planning a full-day trip to the lake, river, or coastal waters, make sure you bring one of these pairs of shades along to keep your eyes shielded so you can keep casting to your heart’s content.

Written by Sara Antonuccio for Knockaround. 

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