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Two men and a woman wearing Knockaround sunglasses

Square Sunglasses

Clean cut, crisp, and all sorts of cool—these shades are here for when the day’s plan starts off with “looking sharp.”
SPORT Sunglasses with Cubic Pattern Frames and Polarized Green Lenses, Front Sunglasses with Cubic Pattern Frames and Polarized Green Lenses, Flyover
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Torrey Pines Sport


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Square Sunglasses for Smart Style

As 80s crooner Huey Lewis once said, it’s hip to be square. Going with this wildly cool advice, we’ve compiled a list of our best square
sunglasses to help you live up to that much desired angular hype.

Wide, defined, or in between, our square sunglasses collection spares no choices. For those wide & rectangular preferences, our Fast Lanes and Torrey Pines shades provide plenty of elongated options. If you’re all about aviators, our Mount Evans square sunglasses
will totally fit the boxy bill. For options that float somewhere in the middle, our Classics, Premiums and Paso Robles squared sunglasses
round off those edges for a smooth show every time.

In case ruggedness is a necessity, our square
sport sunglasses offer additional durability with rubberized nose pads for when the tough gets going. Plus, you’ll get UV400 protection and impact resistance on every pair of ultra-safe shades. We know Huey would be proud.


Stick Out with Snazzy Squared Sunglasses

Stylish sunglasses have evolved to take many different shapes and configurations throughout decades of changes. Thanks to disco and
new wave, it should come as no surprise that square sunglasses have managed to hold their own in this long-fought fashion battle.

Out of an array of potential square sunglasses, a few of our staple collections fit this fantastic shape like a glove. Take our Fast Lanes and Torrey Pines for example, both of which go long across the brow and provide more sideways coverage for elongated finesse. If subtle is more your speed, our
Paso Robles, Premiums and Classics round out sharp edges for a shape that could only be considered “squoval”. Even square aviator sunglasses, like our Mount Evans, have just what it takes to provide a new take on a more dated style.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t point out our square sports unglasses alongside our standard pairs of square sunglasses. Those super rubberized nose pads can come in so handy when the day calls for a swift pass or great catch to wow a crowd. Many of these square sport shades also come in an array of our loudest colors in case making a bold statement is totally your thing.

Regardless of frame preferences, you don’t need
to worry about any technical comparisons other than looks. Each pair of our
square sunglasses comes with UV400 protected and impact resistant lenses for
steadfast reliability every single time you wear them. We can’t make any
promises that you’ll turn into a super fly sports star or far out disco
crooner, but let’s just say a night on the town might unveil your hidden