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Best Polarized Sunglasses for Men

The Best Polarized Sunglasses for Men

December 03, 2020

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No matter the season, the weather, or your location on the globe—a good pair of sunglasses is always necessary. Protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays and reducing glare should always be a priority when picking out a new pair of shades, which is why polarized lenses are so awesome. And if they make you look super cool too? Bonus. Here are 7 of the best polarized sunglasses for men.


Matte Black on Black / Smoke Fort Knocks

There’s something nonchalantly cool about a pair of simple black sunglasses. This pair is decked out in matte black on black with smooth smoke lenses set into our ultra-durable Fort Knocks frames. Gunmetal hardware on the fronts and arms add just a little bit of style without being distracting, and on medium to larger face shapes this frame style is ultra-flattering. Fort Knocks fit in anywhere, whether you’re dressing to the nines or rocking the laid-back look.

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Polarized sunglasses for men: Matte Black on Black Smoke Fort Knocks

Black / Green Moonshine Premiums

Maybe black on black lacks the pizzazz you’re looking for, but you still like simplicity. If that sounds like you, you can add a splash of attention-grabbing color with mirrored green moonshine lenses. This frame and lens combination pairs perfectly with the outdoors, whether you’re lakeside or lounging on the beach. Even better, our Premiums frames are universally flattering and are just the right fit for smaller to medium size face shapes.

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Polarized sunglasses for men:  Black / Green Moonshine Premiums

Matte Black / Red Sunset Torrey Pines

Strong, full coverage lenses are what you need when you’re not sure where your day will take you. Torrey Pines fit the bill as the ultimate sunglasses for even the largest face shapes and offer all-around protection for your eyes. Whether you’re watching the sun go down from the beach, a mountaintop, or along a coastal road, you’ll see the world clearly in red sunset lenses set into matte black frames.

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Polarized sunglasses for men: Black and red Torrey Pines

Coyote Calls Fast Lanes

Life should be fun, and so should your sunglasses! A combination of different colors give these Coyote Calls Fast Lanes their own unique look, from the aviator green lenses to the amber and army green frames. The combination looks great on our Fast Lanes frames, which are carefully sculpted rectangular sunglasses that sit just right on medium to larger head sizes and work best on round, long, oval, and diamond-shaped faces. Embrace the fun, youthful look of these fun, useful frames!

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Polarized sunglasses for men: Coyote Calls Fast Lanes

Black / Smoke Mile Highs

What’s more classic, nostalgic, and bold than a pair of aviator sunglasses? We’ve held onto the iconic brow bar, along with the teardrop-shaped lenses, and added black rubber detailing to the black metal wire frames on our Mile Highs. Smoke lenses complete the look for a put-together pair of shades that give every wearer a touch of noir mystique. If you like the look that was made famous by daredevil pilots but want a more modern upgrade, take a look at our Mount Evans collection.

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Polarized sunglasses for men: Black / Smoke Mile Highs Aviators

Gold / Aviator Green Mount Evans

Speaking of Mount Evans, here’s one of our favorite pairs! Mount Evans have a low profile silhouette and squared off lenses that give them a more modern look than Mile Highs. The aviator green lenses give these shades an instant pilot-like feel that’ll make you want to take off on an adventure in the clouds. The color of the lenses is brought out even stronger by the gold wire frames and tortoise shell rubber detailing on the ends of the arms, and we kept the iconic brow bar that defines aviators. If you want to honor the pilots of the past in a style suited for the 21st century, gold / aviator green Mount Evans are the way to go.

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Polarized aviator sunglasses for men: Gold / Aviator Green Mount Evans

Glossy Black and Tortoise Shell Fade / Amber Mai Tais

There are very few sunglasses that are so versatile, they fit in not only when you’re dressed to the nines in a well-tailored suit, but also when you’re lounging in casual vacation-wear. Mai Tais are the ultimate all-purpose sunglasses for fashion-conscious men. They’re the perfect combination of laid-back style and world-class sophistication, and this pair includes little details that add to their polish. The frames fade from black to glossy tortoise shell, and the bright gold K logos on the arms complement the amber lenses. And while you don’t actually have to sip a mai tai when you wear them, it never hurts.

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Polarized sunglasses for men: Glossy Black and Tortoise Shell Fade / Amber Mai Tais

At Knockaround, there’s something for everyone. Our frames styles are made for everything from adventures to relaxed vacations, weekend errands to meetings with friends, and any other occasion you can think of. From the tough Fort Knocks to the dapper Mai Tais, when you choose Knockaround shades, you don’t have to spend a fortune to look like a million bucks.

Written by Sara Antonuccio for Knockaround. 

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