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Top polarized sunglasses for women

The Best Polarized Sunglasses for Women

December 03, 2020

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Ladies—we all know that style is a priority when picking out a new pair of shades but it’s super important to really protect those peepers too. Polarized lenses help reduce glare and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, which is why they’re a must in your next pair of sunglasses. Luckily, there’s no need to sacrifice your epic fashion sense while protecting those gorgeous eyes of yours. Here are 7 of the best polarized sunglasses for women.


Watermelon Geode Mai Tais

If you’re going to make your mark, there’s no point doing it under the radar. Watermelon Geode Mai Tais give you the power to stand out—in style. Mai Tais frames are sculpted and sophisticated, with a rounded silhouette that heart shaped and square faces will look best in. The bright burgundy frames shine bright in the sun, while the fuchsia polarized lenses ensure no glare gets in your way. These sunglasses are finished off with rose gold K logos on the arms (because who doesn’t love a little rose gold?).

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Watermelon Geode Mai Tais |

Frosted Rose Quartz Fade / Rose Premiums

What’s wrong with seeing life through rose colored glasses? Nothing, if you ask us! We embraced every shade of rose in these Frosted Rose Quartz Fade / Rose Premiums that combine a translucent, faded look on the frames with warm rose lenses to create the perfect pair of feminine, fashionable sunglasses. Premiums are designed to be universally flattering and timelessly stylish.

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Polarized sunglasses for women: Frosted Rose Quartz Fade / Rose Premiums

Slate Tortoise Shell / Rose Gold Paso Robles

A little bit of retro is nothing to shy away from. These sunglasses take advantage of the classic and classy tortoise shell print in a neutral slate tone that makes the rose gold lenses stand out even more. They’re hip yet traditional without being old fashioned, and in our California-cool Paso Robles frame style, they’re designed for every occasion. Paso Robles are cleverly contoured and subtly rounded to create a flattering fit for small to medium head shapes.

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Polarized sunglasses for women: Slate Tortoise Shell / Rose Gold Paso Robles

Pink Lemonade Mary Janes

If our Slate Tortoise Shell Paso Robles toe the line between modern and retro, Mary Janes dive head first into nostalgia for the past. Retro rounded lenses set into frames with metal wire arms celebrate the stylish pastels that have defined past eras and continue to sneak into our own. Glossy pink front frames and lenses are flirty and fun, while the gold wire arms add a bit of sophistication and a laid-back feel. They’re effortlessly chic and unquestionably fabulous.

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Polarized sunglasses for women: Pink Lemonade Mary Janes

Matte Tortoise Shell / Rose Gold Deja Views

When you’re the boss, you want a pair of sunglasses that let everyone know you mean business. So how do you combine that with the desire to look great, while you’re at it? Two words: Deja Views. These frames are our most sophisticated style, with subtle cat-eye flair, oversized lenses, and elegant color combinations. A simple, sleek look is achieved with matte tortoise shell frames and the ever-popular rose gold lenses, plus rose gold hardware on the arms.

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Polarized sunglasses for women: Matte Tortoise Shell / Rose Gold Deja Views

Sacred Sands Paso Robles

Paso Robles make another appearance on this list, this time in a more subtle style that’s well-suited to those who live their life on the go and wander wherever the wind takes them. Sacred Sands inspire desert scenery and mesmerizing oases, with lightly tanned frames and warm, sunny lenses. Trend-setters will love the unique color of these eye-catching sunglasses.

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Polarized sunglasses for women: Sacred Sands Paso Robles

Golden Hour Mount Evans

Photographers and videographers will be familiar with the name inspiration for these shades. The golden hour is a prime time for dreamy photography, when the sun’s rays hit just right and give the world a sensational warm glow. These aviator sunglasses aim to bring that light into everyday life, with gold metal frames, gold rubber detailing on the arms, and even gold lenses.

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Polarized sunglasses for women: Golden Hour Mount Evans

From trendy to subtle, sophisticated to retro, we have all the styles you need for every phase of your life. Grab a pair of polarized sunglasses, get out there, and rule the world.

Written by Sara Antonuccio for Knockaround. 

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