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Matching Your Outfits and Sunglasses with Style

January 27, 2021

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Sunglass style isn’t something you always think about when getting dressed. Maybe you just throw on what you usually throw on. Maybe you put a lot of thought and energy into putting together your outfits. And then you just grab your favorite sunglasses on the way out the door without a thought to how they affect your overall look. Let's try to change that, shall we, and go over how sunglasses should, and shouldn't, accentuate your wardrobe.

Avoid Clashes with Your Style of Sunglasses

This is a mistake you often see in downtown business districts, where folks really dress well for work. And it's mostly men, though women have done their fair share of sinning when it comes to bad sunglasses choices with work attire. If you're wearing a suit or any clothing that leans to the formal, leave the sporty sunglasses at home. Go with a more classic look.

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Pair Versatile Attire with Versatile Shades

Aviator glasses rule in this realm. They're kind of like the quintessential little black dress or dark denim—they go with just about everything. Sure, it may look a little odd if you wear aviators at a black-tie gala, but the sunglasses go great with most business wear. They go equally well with casual weekend attire—pair some aviators with a smart pair of jeans and a basic t-shirt and you've got yourself a great laid-back look. If you really want chameleon-like qualities for your aviators, go with a subtle style, maybe basic black aviators or silver smoke sunglasses. Mirrored and colorful aviators are great, and add pops of fun to lots of different outfits, but think understated if you want more versatility.

But be careful about versatility. Yes, while more neutral sunglasses, such as aviators or some subdued models with vintage leanings, can go with just about anything, consider if that's what you're going for. It might be a bit boring to pair versatile glasses with a spring outfit that's full of colorful fun, so maybe you want to go with sunglasses that continue the color-splashed motif.

The reverse is also true. If you're a monotone dresser, as many city dwellers are, there's a good chance your wardrobe has lots of blacks, blues, and greys that you consistently pair together. And so, sunglasses with a dash of color can really add some personality to a more downplayed ensemble.

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Types of Sunglasses for Types of Accessories

What watch will you be wearing? Rings? Earrings and necklaces also play a part in matching your sunglasses, as your eyewear falls squarely into the category of items that pick up and accentuate aspects of your clothing. So, there should be coordination and complementation. If, for example, your watch and rings are silver, sunglasses with silver frames will really complete the look and give off an indirect, but noticeable, sense of uniformity. Conversely, if you're mixing gold, silver, and bronze with your accessories your look is going to feel all over the place.

Keep in mind that your sunglasses are the most prominent accessory, and all others should thus flow from that choice. For example, if you're going with black frames for your sunglasses, a watch with a black leather strap pairs well. Consider complementary colors. If your sunglasses have a pop of pink, accessories like earrings or necklaces with a bit of blue make wonderful matches. Going with gold? Then you can never go wrong adding in some green! Brown frames go well with warm colors such as orange and yellow. And tortoise shell glasses? Well, they can complement just about any color you can imagine! And remember not to overdo it—adding sunglasses to an overload of earrings, bracelets, and bangles can create a big messy distraction.

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Different Fashions for Different Fashion Sunglasses

Though remember it's not just about colors and materials—you should also consider the overall vibe of your outfit and if that feels the same as your sunglasses. If, for example, your look is modern you want to go with sunglasses that have modern style. If your outfit goes to urban-chic, so should your glasses. If you're dressing with a bit of vintage flair, you want to go with glasses that have some funky fun to them. And sporty looks? Well, that's an easy one. You have lots of different sports sunglasses to choose from.

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Don’t Forget Your Hair When Buying Sunglasses

And, while not part of your "outfit" strictly speaking, hair color can play a factor in selecting your perfect sunglasses. Metallic frames in silver, gold, and gleaming black pair well with black hair. Blonde hair lends itself more to pinks and light blues, while dark greens and dark blues aren't the best matches for blondies. Light brown hair goes well with blue and black, while dark brown hair pairs particularly well with colors with vintage hues such as teal.

So next time you reach for your favorite pair of sunglasses—stop. Take a look at what you’re wearing and think—have you perfectly paired your eyewear?

Written by William McCleary for Knockaround.

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