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Gone fishing? Whether you’re reeling a big one or kicking back on deck with a beevo, you’ll look great doing it in a pair of Knockaround sunglasses! Our shades are perfect for a day on the water, with polarized lenses that fight the glare when you’re driving the boat or scanning the waves for your next trophy fish. These Knock Fans are showing off the catch of the day—and some seriously great style, too:


Okay, you’ve just caught the fish of a lifetime. You’re on the dock, you’re striking the perfect pose, your friend has the camera ready—but are you looking good for when you inevitably post this photo all over social media? If you’ve got your Knockaround sunglasses on, the answer is yes. A pair of shades is the best fishing buddy we’ve found, and as you can see from the shots above, Knock Fans tend to agree. Whether you’re headed out on a deep-sea excursion, strapping on your waders for a day of fly-fishing, or toting your tackle box to a backyard pond, we love to see how you’re rocking your Knocks.

When it comes to fishing, sunglasses aren’t just about looking sharp. That’s because polarized lenses are designed to fight glare during long days on the water. A pair of polarized shades can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your eyes from strain, safely piloting a boat, and spotting fish below the surface of the water. AKA you’ll catch more fish and have more fun—and that’s the goal, right?

Hashtag Us for a Chance to Be Featured
Headed out to land the catch of a lifetime? Take along your favorite sunglasses and your camera, then share your best fishing shots on social media using the hashtag #FishingKnocks. We always love to see your shades in action, whether you’re proudly displaying your latest catch or just lounging on deck with friends. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #KnockFan on your fishing pics, too—you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free pair of Knockaround sunglasses!

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