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Farewell Knockmix


Fall has officially snuck up on us and (SURPRISE) no one saw it coming. Daylight will dwindle, mornings will be chilly, and hoodies will replace the tank tops and sundresses of the past few months. It’s always a little sad to close the book on summer, but if you’ve been around long enough, you know that goodbyes just mean that a new chapter is beginning. But before we welcome in fall, let’s give summer one last au revoir, adios, and hasta la vista with this month’s Knockmix (then you can run to the store and buy all the pumpkin-flavored fare you can find).


Dixie Chicks with "Goodbye Earl"

Only the Dixie Chicks could pull off such an enjoyable, fun little ditty about … um … murder. Earl didn’t sound like a very good egg, but maybe a call to the police would have been a better place to start in serving him some justice.


*NSYNC with "Bye Bye Bye”

This isn’t “catch you later,” “til next time,” or “see you soon.” *NSYNC really did not want to see this person anymore. And by golly, what a display of early 2000’s “special” effects this music video has.


Post Malone with "Goodbyes (Feat. Young Thug)"

If you want to watch the strangest Bud Light product placement ever, take yourself over to this music video. Warning: there is some brief violence in the first few seconds, but if you want to avoid that, the music doesn’t start until about a minute in.


Steam with "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye"

You never want to hear this echoing from the crowd at the end of the game if you’re the away team. This chart-topping pop jam from ‘69 gave sports fans one of the most popular chants to throw at the opposing team when it’s clear the game is over (whether the clock has run out yet or not). It’s easy. It’s catchy. It’s brutal.


Q Lazzarus with "Goodbye Horses”

For a certain generation of people, this song conjures images of Ted Levine dancing in...let’s just say a very “revealing” outfit. For other generations, well, they may not have ever heard it before. Q Lazzarus basically disappeared for 30 years shortly after a bit of success, which led to wild speculation of her whereabouts (some people even assumed she had died). Recently, however, a fan looking to cover her song eventually uncovered her whereabouts: Staten Island. She is a bus driver, happy, content, and out of the hustle and bustle of stardom.


Supertramp with "Goodbye Stranger"

We are living in a world where there are kids who hear this melody and think of Michael Scott’s “Goodbye Toby” parody on The Office, instead of the original song. Let’s change that. Spread the good word of Supertramp, y’all.


Zac Brown Band with "Goodbye In Her Eyes"

Looking to make a quick getaway? Trying to hide the goodbye in your eyes so no one notices you’re about to head out the door? Then boy do we have the product for you: Knockaround Sunglasses—hit the road in style.


Train with "50 Ways to Say Goodbye"

If you can hear past the upbeat tune and catchy chorus, you’ll find that this song contains some WILDLY inventive ways of saying that a girlfriend has died (instead of admitting to being dumped). Points for creativity, fellas, but next time just step up and let the world know that you got dropped like a bad habit.


The Cars with "Bye Bye Love”

Sadly, the world recently bid a final adieu to The Cars’ lead singer Ric Ocasek, who passed away from natural causes on September 15th. Thanks for the hits old buddy!


Mariah Carey with "Bye Bye"

Loss is hard. Thoughts of good times, past trips, and great things you’ve seen together can make you really miss that part of your life. Luckily, if you’ve lost your favorite pair of Knockarounds, we have plenty more available for you to choose from.


BONUS: Sugarbomb with "Hello"

Like we said earlier, just because we’re saying goodbye to summer doesn’t mean there is any reason to be sad! Fall is different depending on where you are in the country, but there’s a reason people go crazy for it. Whether that means you’re pulling out your flannels and hoodies, or grabbing a thicker wetsuit (we are a San Diego company after all), embrace the change and enjoy the season!

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