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The Knock List Knockmix


LL Cool J with "Mama Said Knock You Out"

Don’t call it a comeback, #knockfans. The Knockmix has been here for years. Well… not really. It’s only been around for one year. Actually, this Knockmix marks our one year anniversary! We thought we’d celebrate with a knock-centric playlist to get you in the right mood for what’s shaping up to be a great year for Knockaround.


Eddie Floyd with "Knock on Wood"

This single has a great album cover: Eddie Floyd is in the woods, in a suit, about to chop down a tree. He looks so cool… but then shouldn’t the song be called “Chop on Wood”?


Tony Orlando with "Knock Three Times"

You can’t knock a guy for getting creative with his pick-up line. Nevertheless, it’s clear that Tony Orlando was no morse code expert. -.- -. --- -.-. -.- .- .-. --- ..- -. -..


Bob Dylan with "Knocking’ on Heaven’s Door"

You can’t have a list of “knock” songs without this Bob Dylan classic. Guns ’n’ Roses did a great version about 25 years later (the music video is ridiculous and worth checking out), but for the sake of this list we had to go with the original.


Keri Hilson (ft. Kanye West) with "Knock You Down"

After listening to all of the songs on this Knock List, Keri Hilson’s 2009 hit single is probably the most likely to get stuck in your head. Just replace the words “Knock You Down” with “Knock-a-round” and you’ll see what we mean.


Kings of Leon with "Knocked Up"

Out of all the phrases that contain a “knock”, “knocked up” probably ranks the highest on the list. (“Knock on wood” is a close second.) Kings of Leon have taken this simple phrase and turned it into a long, flowing song about some soon-to-be parents.


H-Town with "Knockin’ Da Boots"

The top hit off of H-Town’s album Fever for da Flavor, “Knockin’ Da Boots” is a slow jam that carries the “knock” badge very well. The 5 second “Huwoahhhhahhahahhaha” at the beginning of the track is an especially nice touch.


Stevie Wonder with "Knocks Me Off My Feet"

A great song off of, arguably, one of the greatest albums of all time. The only thing that would make this song a more perfect fit for Knockaround… if we made shoes. (We don’t, but our company name was inspired by some.)


Jay-Z with "Hard Knock Life"

We had a little debate in the office on whether we should include the original “Hard Knock Life” from the movie Annie, or Jay-Z’s sample. This is the one that won. Sorry, Miss Hannigan.


Spoon with "Knock Knock Knock"

Everyday we hear the “knock knock knock”.


BONUS: The Knocks with "Classic"

At Knockaround, we love The Knocks.

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