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As a small business, Knockaround knows how important it is to keep moving forward… and to keep looking up. Sure, we get down sometimes, but we’re always climbing the proverbial Mount Everest and striving to get better. In other words, we don’t rest on our laurels. That might mean launching a new frame style, moving into a new HQ, or selling more sunglasses than we ever have before. Building a business and hitting goals feels less like swimming laps in a pool and more like climbing the rope in gym class. We’re close to ringing the bell at the top and, as they say, that’s what’s up.


Rolling Stones with "Start Me Up"

It’s time to start this Knockmix up. Like a balloon full of helium, we’re going up and we can’t stop.


Paula Abdul with "Straight Up"

Paula has no time for funny business. She’s not down to get fooled again. We’re all in search of a loving, fulfilling relationship, similar to the beautiful montage of life, love, and death in the beginning of the Disney film “Up”.


Tupac with "Keep Ya Head Up"

Come on, there’s no reason to feel down. You gotta stay positive, stay happy. Just like Tupac says, “you gotta keep ya head up”. Just pretend you’re focused on a house being carried across the sky by thousands of balloons.


Cold War Kids with "Hang Me Up to Dry"

It’s the start of summer, you’re having a blast. You’ve met someone special, and you’re spending every moment you can with them. But, what happens when the summer ends and they move on? All good things must come to an end. What goes up must come down… unless you have enough balloons and helium.


Danny Brown with "Grown Up"

We were all kids once. Some of us played sports, some of us went to church, some of us were in the Boy Scouts and accidentally got trapped in a two-story house levitating through the sky tethered to thousands of colorful balloons. Everyone’s childhood is different.


Madonna with "Hung Up"

Time goes by so slowly when you’re waiting on someone you love. Yet, somehow, so fast when you are with them. The theory of relativity… it stinks. Minutes can feel like hours, hours like days, days like weeks. Or, sometimes, an entire lifetime summed up in about 40 seconds of screen time in a Pixar animated film.


38 Special with "Caught Up in You"

Ed Asner deserved an Oscar.


Rihanna with "Shut Up and Drive"

We’ll take Rihanna’s advice: no more talking, cut to the chase, and get to the action. This may apply to your boyfriend, your girlfriend, or your dog with a state-of-the-art microchip that converts it’s barking into human english. Shut up! And drive.


Washed Out with "Face Up"

Sometimes things just don’t work out and you have to say goodbye. Goodbye to your love, goodbye to a dream, goodbye to living in Paradise Hills since your house is grounded in a different place and it’s impossible to literally move a house somewhere else… hmm, unless…


Cameo with "Word Up"

You heard the call, it’s the code word, baby. Word up! No matter where you are, you know that you’ll be heard. (Even if you’re in your bedroom which also happens to be 10,000 feet in the air.)


Joe Cocker with "Up Where We Belong”

Man, love can lift you anywhere. Love lifts your spirits, love lifts you UP™, right where you belong…

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