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Take a Walk

Just like opening a brand new box of Knockarounds, walking feels good. Walking gets the blood pumping and the endorphins rising. Walking burns calories and burns stress. Some of the best conversations happen during a walk. Some of the best ideas happen during a walk. The sun’s out? Put your Knockarounds on and go for a walk. It’s raining? Put your Knockarounds on (grab an umbrella) and go for a walk. Stressed about finals? Walk. Baby won’t stop crying? Walk. In a fight with your significant other? Walk. Being chased by a bear? Walk. Run. Bears are fast.


Katrina & The Waves with "Walking on Sunshine"

We don’t know about you, but this song makes us want to pop out of bed, throw on a pair of Knockarounds, and pound some pavement. (Ironically, there is zero sun in this music video.)


Dire Straits with "Walk of Life"

Remember that sports bloopers VHS tape they used to play on the bus when you took a field trip in elementary school? In the official music video for “Walk of Life,” Dire Straits just took that sports footage and mixed it in with video from one of their live shows. Great song, though.


Rich Homie Quan ft. Problem with "Walk Thru"

Harvey Mudd. Ellen Browning Scripps. Roger Williams. Rich Homie Quan. All of these people have universities named after them. Skip to 2:19 and you’ll see what we mean.


Nancy Sinatra with "These Boots Are Made For Walkin’"

Frank’s daughter, Nancy, may not have had the singing chops that her old man did (she kind of melodiously talks her way through this track)—but, what she lacks in voice she makes up for with a badass chorus line.


Four Tops with "Walk Away Renee"

It's rare that a cover is better than the original, but this is one of those cases. Sorry, The Left Banke.


Pantera with "Walk"

Pantera’s lead vocalist, Phil Anselmo, said that the message of the song was "Take your fucking attitude and take a fuckin' walk with that. Keep that shit away from me".


The Bangles with "Walk Like an Egyptian"

In 1987 everyone was walking around like Egyptians. The problem was no one really knew how to do it right, except The Bangles. But they were holding their instruments, so they couldn’t do it either. What a mess.


Kanye West with "Jesus Walks"

The fourth single off of Kanye’s debut album, The College Dropout, Jesus Walks was accompanied by three different music videos. This is version 1. Hard to find. Very rare.


Johnny Cash with "Walk the Line"

This is perhaps the ultimate karaoke song. It’s a short song with a long intro (which is important, you don’t want to be on stage for 5 off-key minutes) and Johnny Cash has a low range (so you won’t make everyone at the bar cringe when you can’t hit the high note.) Pro tip: wear black on black Fort Knocks on stage.


The Police with "Walking on The Moon"

This song was one small step for Sting, one giant leap for The Police. Err, wait… is it supposed to be the other way around?


BONUS: Matthew Wilder with "Break My Stride"

Don't let life get you down. Go for a walk. You'll be glad you did. (Just don't forget your sunglasses.)

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