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Knockaround Sunglasses: Durable, Stylish, and Affordable

Welcome to Knockaround, your one-stop shop for cool and affordable sunglasses. We’re prepped and ready to become your new go-to sunglasses brand, with tons of timeless, unisex styles that match your unique personality and general vibe. Here at, you’ll find sunglasses in a wide assortment of different frame and lens shapes. It doesn’t matter if you’re all about that adventurous edge or love the classic look of square-framed sunnies—these shades are sure to add something special to your look.

But Knockaround sunglasses aren’t only about good looks. These durable shades are equipped with impact-resistant lenses and long-lasting frames, so you can sport them at the beach, while cruising your bike, up a mountain, down the ski slope, or wherever you’ve been known to bust your shades in the past. And the best part is: if you just so happen to break a pair, it doesn’t cost a lot to replace them. Knockarounds are made for every budget, style, and occasion.

A Collection for Every Kind of Shade-Wearer
You’ll find our best-selling sunglasses across a wide range of different collections—each with its own distinct frame design and color combinations. If you’re big on classic sunglasses boasting a stylish yet timeless design, you’ll love Knockaround Premiums, Classics, and Fort Knocks. These shades are durable, high-quality, and form-fitting, so there’s literally no scenario where they won’t excel. Our Mai Tais and Mile Highs won’t disappoint the shopper in search of round sunglasses, while our favored Fast Lanes keep you pushing record speeds with their squared and rectangular lenses. And don’t forget to check out our Special Releases for unique, one-of-a-kind styles made for the diehard Knock Fan.