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Knockaround Frame Style Quiz
Knockaround Frame Style Quiz

Virtual Try-On

Use our virtual try-on tool to see how each of our sunglasses frame styles looks on your face in real time! Simply allow access on your device's camera, select an average or your exact pupillary distance, and start trying on our shades!


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See all reviews

Find Your New Shades With Virtual Try-On


Sunglasses are one of the few items in your wardrobe that actively complement both your facial features and outfits daily. However, trying on sunglasses in stores isn’t exactly optimal in the tech-driven world we live in, so what are we to do? After some deliberation, we decided to get creative and solve our own problem so that you can finally try on sunglasses online.

Want to see what your favorite sunglasses will look like before you buy? We’re pumped to introduce our virtual sunglasses try-on feature so you can pick your best look! Knowing your face shape can be tricky, and we don’t want that to be a reason to doubt your purchase. Virtually trying on sunglasses makes buyer’s remorse a thing of the past, and you won’t even have to leave your computer or phone!

Our favorite thing about our sunglasses virtual try-on feature is that you can simply toggle between each of our frame styles to see which looks best on you. That’s right–just select your pupillary distance (or let us estimate it if you’re not sure), allow camera access on your device, and voila! From there, you can scroll through our selection of fourteen different frame styles to see which one complements your face the best.

Once you’ve completed your virtual try-on for sunglasses and picked your ideal frame styles, take a look through our wide variety of available colorways and see which matches your best ensemble. We won’t judge if can’t decide and end up buying three. If fact, we’d encourage it! Even if the decision is crystal clear once you try them on in person, we stick by our 100% happiness guarantee. That means you’ll have 30 days to return or exchange (on U.S. standard orders) your shades as you see fit, with no added hassle. Personal touches are our priority, and we’re glad to provide a service that makes your shopping experience seamless.


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Virtual Try-On

Try your Knockaround sunglasses virtually before you buy. Allow access to your device's camera and select from the options below.

Use average pupillary distance (fastest):



Select your pupillary distance (most accurate):

What's my pupillary distance?