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Retro Sunglasses

Shades inspired by timeless designs with a retro flair.
Sunglasses with San Dune Frames and Polarized Green Lenses, Front Sunglasses with San Dune Frames and Polarized Green Lenses, Flyover
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Sunglasses with Blue Frames and Polarized Sky Blue Lenses, Front Sunglasses with Blue Frames and Polarized Sky Blue Lenses, Flyover
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Soul Surfer

$25.00 $35.00
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Righteous Retro Sunglasses

Vintage comes in all shapes and sizes, and our retro sunglasses collection is here to take you back to days gone by. Whether you’re aiming to embody a 1970s Vegas stunner in all their glory or need to look totally tubular for a throwback party, this selection of fun retro sunglasses is about to light your fire.

Stylish retro sunglasses are mostly known for a look that’s flat across the brow, but that description embodies many different shades in this collection. From sporty retro sunglasses to shades that require a feathered hairdo to look complete, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better selection of chic retro sunglasses.

It goes without saying that our retro sunglasses fit the bill for groovy guys and gals of all ages, and just like the king of rock n roll himself, we know you’ll pick a pair that looks downright hunky. Plus, the included impact resistance and UV400 protection goes a long way to keep you secured in case of the unexpected. We know you’ll look mega hip.

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Ready Yourself for Retro Sunglasses

The stage is set for a solid day in the sun, and you’re looking good. Now’s the perfect time to pop on a pair of retro sunglasses and step up your style to new heights. Whichever version of vintage you might be dreaming up, we’ve got it covered here in our retro sunglasses collection. 

Embody the feeling of an 80s jet ski party in our Campeones retro sunglasses, which come in a variety of neon colors to really match the mood. These polarized retro sunglasses are also part of our sport collection, meaning they come complete with grippy nose pads and non-slip arms so you can get as rowdy as you want. Nothing like a pair of sporty retro sunglasses to really put you into your own category.

If lifeguard chic is more your style, our Mile Highs and Mount Evans retro aviator sunglasses offer classic metal frames and various lens choices for complementing your look. Since variations on a theme always provide even more ways to switch up a smart outfit, our Brightsides and Pacific Palisades retro sunglasses throw in some acetate aviator realness for good measure. And anyone sophisticated enough to rock vintage glam will totally fall for our Seventy Nines since they fit the bill for a ravishingly good time.

Once you’ve chosen the retro sunglasses that suit your style, remind yourself that you’ll be protected all around. Standard UV400 protection and FDA-approved impact resistance keep your sun defenses high when it really matters, and an included pouch comes with every pair of stylish retro sunglasses to keep them safe when they’re not in use. Get ready for a righteous confidence boost!