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#KnocksOnTheSlopes | Sunglasses for Skiing

You probably toss a pair of sunglasses into your bag whenever you’re headed to the beach, but you might not think about grabbing your shades when you’re getting ready to hit the slopes. Find out why our frames make unbeatable accessories on the mountain—and all winter long.

Sun Protection | The snowy landscape in your favorite winter wonderland can be the source of some sneaky sun glare. In fact, fresh snow bounces back almost 80% of the sun’s UV radiation, while a sandy beach reflects only about 15%. That means it’s super important to protect your eyes during a long day of skiing or snowboarding. All our sunglasses include lenses with UV400 protection to keep your eyes feeling fresh and clear no matter how many runs you make down the mountain.

Durability | Even the best skiers among us biff on occasion, which means that your sunglasses should be able to handle a few hard knocks. Knockaround shades are designed for exceptional durability with FDA-approved impact resistant lenses, so you don’t have to worry about tossing them into your coat pocket or rocking them when you tackle that double black diamond trail. We especially love our rugged Fort Knocks and sleek Fast Lanes for durability without sacrificing style.

Polarized or Not? | Polarized lenses are known for their ability to fight glare, so you might think they’re the best bet when you’re headed for fresh powder. In reality, the opposite is true; non-polarized lenses are actually a better choice for skiing and snowboarding. That doesn’t mean you need to leave your polarized sunnies at home when you’re headed to the ski resort; they’re still ideal for looking cool when you’re grabbing a few beers at the end of the day. (Orders over $50 ship free, so it’s super easy to pick up a few polarized and non-polarized pairs!)

Need some style inspiration for your next ski weekend? See how Knocks Fans are rocking their favorite sunglasses with a peek at our #KnocksOnTheSlopes gallery—and don’t forget to tag your own ski shots to be featured!



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